How to cure a bone?

Lilya Mayak
Lilya Mayak
January 23, 2015
How to cure a bone?

Stone on foot - this phenomenon is familiar to everyone, even if only visually. On the beach and just in the summer in the city, when open eyes in barefoot sandals and sandals flash before your eyes, it’s just impossible not to notice these bumps. And if at first they bring discomfort only in aesthetic terms, over the years they begin to cause physical discomfort and pain. Let's talk about how to cure a bone on the leg.

Conservative treatment

Conservative methods of eliminating bones can slow down and sometimes stop their growth. These include foot massage, physiotherapy, foot baths. Sometimes, when the pathology is accompanied by pain syndrome, NSAIDs are prescribed.

In addition, orthopedic appliances are often recommended to remove the bumps on the legs. These are insoles, finger correctors, couplers and orthopedic tires. Insoles help distribute the load in the front of the foot. Proofreaders and tires are usuallyapply for the night: they hold the thumb in the desired position and prevent its deviation to the side. Proofreaders, as a rule, are used only for the night, while some tires can be worn in shoes. Screeds are designed to support the arch of the foot.

Such methods are effective in the early stages, but almost powerless with moderate and severe forms of the disease.

Surgical treatments

There are up to 150 ways to eliminate bumps on the legs, which allow you to get rid of them at any stage. Previously, surgery in this area was simply to remove the protruding part of the phalanx, as a result of which the finger lost support.

However, modern methods are not so traumatic, and after they are carried out, the patient quickly returns to his usual way of life. The procedure involves changing the angle between the bones of the phalanges. For some time you should wear special shoes, but you can walk the next day.

In the most severe cases, the intersection of bones is carried out using special screws for fixing them. The patient can return to normal life after a month.