How to cure snoring?

January 22, 2015
How to cure snoring?

Snoring is a characteristic sound that is formed as a result of the vibrations of the soft tissues of the pharynx under the influence of a stream of air. The causes of an unpleasant illness can be: curvature of the septum, excess weight, smoking and drinking alcohol, infectious diseases. Older people often suffer from snoring. How to cure snoring - we will look at this article.

How to cure snoring in the traditional way

The method should be resorted to if the cause of snoring is a violation of breathing due to respiratory diseases.

In this case, nasal drops and ointment based on mometasone will help. The drugs are aimed not only at eliminating nasal congestion, but also at combating allergies (for example, Nasonex). Before treatment, it is recommended to consult with a pharmacist and study instructions.

How to cure snoring folk way

  1. Wash two or three cabbage leaves and chop them. Mix cabbage with a tablespoon of honey. Eat before you go to bed. The alternative is cabbage juice with honey in the same proportions.
  2. Bury the nose with sea buckthorn oil in the morning and evening. Before bedtime, rinse the throat with olive oil.
  3. If the nose is stuffed up, then washing will help. Dissolve a tablespoon of sea salt in a glass of warm water and rinse your nose with an enema (do the procedure in the morning and evening).
  4. Drink more pure water (ideally distilled water). Once a week, arrange a fasting day.
  5. Mix herbs - sabelnik, black elderberry, burdock and horsetail in equal shares. Brew a tablespoon of herbs in a glass of hot water. Take a tablespoon of broth four to five times a day.

Usually, treatment with folk remedies takes about three to four weeks.

Gymnastics for tongue and throat

An effective method of getting rid of snoring is to perform special exercises:

  1. Stick your tongue as far as possible for a couple of seconds (the tip looks down). Repeat the exercise thirty times in the morning and evening.
  2. Grasp the chin and move the jaw. Exercise should be performed twice a day (morning and evening).
  3. Hold the plastic spoon with your teeth and hold for about five seconds. Perform this exercise is required at bedtime.
  4. Sing the letter "I".Do the exercise thirty times in the morning and throughout the day.

Regardless of the choice of treatment methods required to give up bad habits.

Also required to reduce the use of sedatives and hypnotic drugs.

People who are overweight should stick to a diet and pay attention to physical exertion.

In addition, special intraoral devices and nasal plugs are used to combat snoring.

To get rid of the disease, you should learn to sleep on your side and get an orthopedic pillow.

Moreover, you can resort to surgical treatment. Currently, operations are performed by laser or radio waves.