How to cut a person in photoshop?

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How to cut a person in photoshop?

Photoshop is a graphics editor that is very convenient to use when working with images. Quite often in the process of work it becomes necessary to cut a person from one photo and move it to another. Tools in Photoshop allow you to do this quite easily and quickly.

Tools for selecting a fragment of the image

In order to cut a person or some other object from an image, it must first be selected. Photoshop offers users several tools to highlight:

  • A rectangular or oval area is the easiest selection tool, although it is not suitable for selecting a person, unless you want to cut a person along with a part of the background;
  • Lasso - this tool allows you to "draw" the selection border yourself. It is more suitable for working with hard-to-reach objects, such as fingers;
  • The polygonal lasso is the same toolonly the selection is constructed from straight lines;
  • Magnetic lasso - when you click the mouse, it “attracts” a new selection to a more pronounced part of the image;
  • Quick selection is a handy tool that independently recognizes the edges of an object when it is selected;
  • Magic Wand - highlights fragments of the image of the same color.

Having tried each tool, you will understand which one is more convenient for you. In this article, we will look at how to remove a person in Photoshop using the Quick Selection tool. Another way you can find in our article: How to cut an object in Photoshop.

Sequence of actions for cutting objects

  1. Select the tool “Quick selection” and drive along the contour of the object.
  2. When it comes to hard-to-reach places, we use the Quick Mask function (the penultimate icon of the toolbar). In this case, the unmarked fragment will turn red.
  3. Go to the white brush mode and remove unnecessary areas to us.
  4. Delete the excess with the Delete button. Learn more about how to remove the background, you can find in our article: How to remove the background in Photoshop (Photoshop).
  5. Eraser we erase on the copy of the layer, unnecessary fragments at the edges.
  6. The person who stayed in your picture can be dragged onto any other background.

All these actions you can do in Photoshop, which is installed on your computer, or use the online version.