How to deal with wasps?

Wasps that appeared at their summer cottage, in the garden, or just near a country house, can become a real catastrophe, not only because they can ruin the harvest for the owners. The bites of these insects are very painful and sometimes even life-threatening. They can cause severe allergic manifestations and lead to serious consequences, since wasps also act as carriers of intestinal infections. This article will tell you how to deal with wasps and what effective methods of exterminating these insects exist.

Wasps appeared in the country: how to fight?

How to deal with wasps in the country and in the garden? Many owners of private houses and gardens are asking this question. Therefore, you should consider the most effective ways to help completely get rid of these insects:

  • The most powerful remedy that destroys wasps is the burning of their nests, which, as a rule, are in dry places far from water. These can be attic rooms, roofs of sheds and verandahs, etc. It is better to inspect habitats in spring, since in summer the ispus family is quite numerous.When nests are found, they must be removed and burned on high fire so that the departing wasps will die instantly. And the places of the nests should be carefully treated with kerosene.
  • You can also first destroy the insects themselves, and then their nests. To do this, place the nest in a tight bag and close it so that the wasps are not able to get out. After that, in the package you need to make a small hole and through it inject aerosol against insects. The package must be left for some time until the wasps are killed, and then burn the nest.
  • You can also fill the wasp nest with building foam.
  • If the wasps are not very many, it will be effective to use a trap in the form of plastic bottles with honey or jam. Small holes are made at the top of the container. Thus, the wasps make their way inside, but they cannot fly back and drown.

Wasps on grapes: how to fight

It is known that wasps eat mainly fruits and berries, but most of all they love grapes. Therefore, they are often able to completely deprive you of the grape harvest. The presence of such pests in the country or garden requires radical measures.Also, site owners should know how to deal with earthen wasps. So, to combat different types of wasps, you need to buy effective drugs against these insects in a specialized shop:

  • Means such as Dichlorvos, Moskitol and Prima are generally excellent for fighting insects. They need to process the hive early in the morning or at night while the wasps are in the nests.
  • Preparations Karbofos, Tsimbush and Sipaz are mainly used against garden pests. They should also be sprayed in insect habitats.
  • Encapsulated suspensions are used as a modern method of fighting wasps, which are applied in places where these insects accumulate or are used as bait, if pieces of sugar are impregnated with them. Microcapsules stick to the body of wasps, which carry them into their nests, after which the substance affects the whole family from the inside.

It is worth adding that before carrying out all the above procedures, you must take the necessary measures of protection. To do this, dress in thick clothes, a hat or a hat to cover with a special mesh so that the face is fully protected, and do not forget about gloves.