How to determine her aura when buying an apartment

Buying an apartment, I want it to be not only comfortable and without a past from the old owners, but also happy. How to learn the history of a new home, clean the house from the negative and live peacefully, without worrying about anything else?

Trust the first sensations

How to determine her aura when buying an apartment

Collect information about the apartment in which you intend to enter, it is necessary. At least in order to find out what her past and what neighbors will surround you. However, there is another feature that should be taken into account so that you do not wonder why suddenly conflicts at work, quarrels in the family, discord with friends and all sorts of other troubles came into your quiet life.

The energy of past tenants remains in the apartment and works according to the cumulative

If before you in this house all the time you could hear abuse, scolding and scandals, then, most likely, your family will repeat this practice.

The cause of unexpected diseases may be the presence earlier in this apartment of a seriously ill person who died in agony.Therefore, the new tenants will quite naturally feel the deterioration of their health, experience depression, a deep despondency and a constant breakdown.

A serious crime or even murder could have happened in the apartment, or it simply could not be sold or exchanged for a long time due to the unwillingness to disperse past tenants.

It is not always possible to find out the truth about former residents, so listen to your intuition, crossing the threshold of future housing. ATTENTION! If you suddenly feel dizzy, you feel heaviness in your legs, your throat has dried up and squeezed your temples, you feel nauseous, your heartbeat has become more frequent, your eyes have darkened, and your whole body just shouts you “stop”, it means something unclean

Do not immediately abandon the options for this purchase, especially if you are satisfied with the area of ​​residence, yard, footage of the apartment, interior decoration, geographical location in relation to work and other important social objects for you.

Any apartment can be cleaned of negative energy and eventually "populate" your bright, kind, positive aura in it.

We clean the apartment

The first thing you can do to test your feelings is to go through all the rooms, including the bathroom and the toilet, with a church candle.If there is an accumulation of negative energy in the apartment, then the candle in your hand will start smoking with black smoke.

The second is the behavior of pets. Cats become restless, dogs stop eating, and at the first opportunity, pets generally run away from their owners.

The third is the children. They cry, talk with an invisible friend, sleep badly at night or leave home and complain of feeling unwell.

I am glad that the situation is fixable and there are really quite a few ways for this.

The most faithful is to invite a priest who, with prayers, a censer and an icon, will bypass all your dwelling, remove the negative and “charge” him for harmony and family well-being.

The second is to clean the house with salt. Sprinkle a pinch of coarse salt in each corner, and after 7 days, brush it off with a broom.

Third - every night for 7 days, place a glass of water on the window sill, in which 2 tablespoons of salt and a spoonful of vinegar are dissolved. This solution also absorbs negative energy.

And, of course, you can once a month, armed with a prayer book, bypass all corners of the house and desire peace and happiness for your family.

How to protect yourself from negative energy?

How to determine her aura when buying an apartment

Even in a clean, well-preserved apartment, over time, negative energy will accumulate, which we bring from work, work out after school with our children or sort out our relationship with our spouse. It is better if your bodyguards are always in the house.

What am I talking about? Of course, about flowers. Houseplants perfectly absorb negative energy. do not need to break the greenhouse. It is enough to put a pot with a joyful positive flower, for example, with bright red geraniums and a vampire tree that only knows how to take away all the negative energy. Lilac flowers, linden and aspen are among these chopsticks. You can make a twig from a branch and use it as a hanger.

It will help dispel the evil spell and fumigating the room with thyme, sage or hunters. After the smell disappears, the room immediately begins to breathe easier and freer.

Do you like to decorate the house? Then birch amulet in the form of a wreath over the entrance door will immediately perform two functions - both beautiful and useful. And also immediately, without hesitation, throw away the broken dishes and cracked mirrors and always find time for general cleaning.

And, of course, protect your home from envious people with black thoughts and be kinder and more tolerant to each other, as we create the space in which we live.