How to dilute alcohol with water?

If you decide to dilute the alcohol with water, then you should not hurry. First, find out the proportions and learn the technology of breeding, as the quality of the final product depends on the correctness of the actions.

What kind of alcohol to use?

Only ethanol is suitable for ingestion, as methanol is an extremely toxic substance that can cause poisoning and even death. There are several varieties: "Lux", "Alpha", the highest cleaning, "Extra", first grade, medical and anhydrous.

The ideal option - "Alpha", since this alcohol contains the least amount of dangerous methanol. Excellent for breeding products of the categories "Lux" and "Extra". High-purity alcohol is the least suitable for dilution, it is also undesirable to use a medical one, because as a result the alcoholic drink that you want to get may become excessively hard.

Choose water

What water to dilute alcohol? This component is also important and directly affects the taste of the final product.The main requirement is low stiffness, and tap water will not exactly correspond to it, so the fluid flowing from the tap will not work. But if you defend it, boil it and clean it in a filter, then it can become quite suitable for dilution.

Connoisseurs are advised to use spring water, and it really has a pleasant mild flavor. But you should choose this option only if you are confident in the composition and conducted a laboratory analysis, which confirmed the low rigidity.

Bottled water purchased in the store will do, but ordinary drinking (dining) water, as the components of the healing mineral water can react with alcohol and affect its taste, color and other properties. If the label indicates the degree of rigidity, then select a product with a value of 1 meq / l and below. It is worth considering the content of magnesium and potassium. The permissible concentration of the latter is 10 mg per liter, and the first - no more than 8 mg / l.

Another option is distilled water. It is completely devoid of any additives and, therefore, has no taste, which is appropriate if you plan to prepare the tincture and use the additive.But vodka obtained from alcohol and distilled water may not seem very tasty to you.

In what proportions to dilute alcohol?

If you do not know how to properly dilute alcohol with water, then, first of all, it is important to determine the correct proportions, since this directly affects the strength of the drink that you plan to cook. There are several opinions on this matter. So, Mendeleev believed that it was necessary to mix three parts of water and two parts of alcohol. In addition, the ratio of the ingredients can be determined using the Fertman table, which indicates the different strength options and the corresponding volumes of water for 1000 ml of alcohol.

Determine the proportions can be and with the help of such a formula: X = A / B * C. X is the final volume of the already diluted beverage. And - the initial strength of the alcohol used. B - desired or expected fortress. C - the initial volume of the alcohol component.

Features of breeding

What is the technology of dilution of alcohol? Opinions, too, diverge. Some people strongly recommend pouring alcohol into water, explaining that its density is lower, that is, it is lighter than liquid. Others believe that it is more appropriate to pour water into alcohol, and this method is even given as the main one in some technological instructions for the production of liquor and vodka products.

Experimenters who have repeatedly diluted alcohol with water, argue that the method of mixing is of no particular importance and has virtually no effect on taste. But you should follow some rules. First, before connecting, both water and alcohol must be cooled. Secondly, it is necessary to quickly and actively mix the components, so that they immediately react.

Cleaning and infusion

Drinking a mixture of alcohol and water is not strongly recommended immediately. First of all, you need to let it stand, so that all the reactions that take place are completely completed. It is important to fill the tank as much as possible, since the interaction of oxygen with alcohol can spoil the taste of the drink. Also, the bottle should be tightly closed to prevent air from getting inside. Store the container in a cool place and leave it there for at least four days, or better for a week.

Infused diluted alcohol must be cleaned. For these purposes, you can use coal: specialized, intended for winemaking, or pharmacy activated. If you choose the first option, then a liter of the mixture will need one tablespoon. If you plan to use activated charcoal, then you will need 25-30 tablets per 1000 ml of product.

To clean, place the selected filter media in liquid and leave for two to three hours at a temperature of 22-23 degrees. During this time, coal will absorb all unnecessary and purify the product. It remains to strain the diluted alcohol through the gauze rolled up several times or dense fabric.

Do I need flavorings?

Additives are used to improve or mitigate the taste of the final drink, but it is not necessary to add them if classic vodka is preferred, or spring water is used for dilution, which can give a pleasant aftertaste.

If you want to get a soft vodka with a pleasant subtle aftertaste, then you can use flavors:

  • Glucose will give a sweetish taste. And so that it is not very bright and barely noticeable, you should not add more than 15 milliliters per liter of diluted alcohol. The maximum allowable dose - four tablespoons, but this is an option for an amateur.
  • Honey, especially lime or flower. For giving a beautiful shade, pleasant taste and special aroma, it is recommended to add 30 grams per liter of liquid. But some advise using a piece of honey for 10 parts of alcohol.
  • Vinegar (9%), citric acid. Such additives give a light sourness, but only if you use no more than a teaspoon per liter.
  • Milk is a rather unusual component, especially in a tandem with alcohol. And if you do not want to spoil the taste, then add a minimum amount.

Important! After adding the flavor to the drink, let it brew for a few more days so that its full taste is fully opened.

If you decide to dilute alcohol, then do it right and use only high-quality products.

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