How to disassemble a bicycle?

Bicycle is a convenient, affordable and cheap form of transport. He is loved by both children and adults. Cycling brings not only joy and delight, but also benefits the whole body. That's just, even the most expensive and seemingly reliable models can break. And it becomes clear that every owner should be able to “reanimate” his vehicle. Let's look at how to disassemble a bicycle in this article.

Many people believe that they are quite able to disassemble and assemble a bicycle, but this is not quite so. In addition, if it is done unnecessarily, but just like that. Without having certain knowledge, you can damage the car.


  • First of all, you need to unscrew the bolt that is on the steering wheel. To do this, put a wooden bar and hit the hammer on the bolt. It is from this procedure that the disassembly begins. After the expansion cone has left the rod tube, the steering wheel will turn easily. Now you need to kneel the front wheel with your knees and twist the wheel to the side.Turn until the wheel comes out of the rod.
  • Then inspect the steering wheel and liners. Make sure everything is fine with the screw thread. It is necessary to make so that the steering wheel steering wheel is carefully fastened, not rotating, and the steering wheel must be fixed in the fork.
  • Now you can start disassembling the saddle. To do this, unscrew the bolt securing the seat. It is better to stand in the back and rest your knees on the rear wheel. Using a twisting motion, try to pull the saddle from the holder. If you have bent a shaped amplifier lock or washer, then deeply sawed the old notches with a file, and then assemble the lock, tighten the nuts. Then process all the parts with kerosene and wipe them dry.
  • Considering disassembly, you should pay special attention to how to disassemble the wheel of a bicycle. Having unscrewed the nuts, remove the front and rear wheels. Then disassemble and inspect bushings. After the air from the chamber of the wheel is released, you can take for razbortovku. From the edges to the middle of the rim, using a flat key, gently squeeze the tires. Be extremely careful, as you can pierce the camera.
  • In the wheel hub, you need to unscrew the locknut, remove the washer with a mustache, turn the cone. Having turned a wheel, pull out an axis with other cone. After that ball bearings should fall out. Please note that the sleeve cups, where the balls rotated, should always be washed with kerosene, wiped dry and dried. If the ball bearings are rusty, they must be replaced.
  • It is necessary to check that the cones, the nuts, the thread, the lock nuts, etc., are intact.

How to disassemble the bike fork

  • A very important part of the bike is a suspension fork. It falls on her all the main load when driving. Breaking the plug is a very big problem. If this does happen, remove the old plug. Why unscrew the front wheel, remove the steering wheel with handles.
  • Then remove the brake, fender.
  • Then remove the lock nuts and bolts that hold the steering fork. To do this, you need to use bicycle keys and screwdrivers.
  • After that, remove the spring, which is located on the left side of the fork, and loosen the bottom bolts.

Now you know everything about how to disassemble the bike yourself.This will allow you to easily repair this equipment at home, without resorting to the services of a master and not spending on it extra funds. We wish you good luck!