How to download maps in the navigator?

Navigators that have become so common lately are really extremely convenient to use. Now you do not have to mess with the map and stop at each intersection. Having set the final point, the navigator calculates the shortest distance by itself and tells you where and when to turn off. But how to download maps into the navigator, if you don’t need one there?

Ready cards

Now on the Internet there are many options for ready-made maps for the navigator. You can download them by finding in any search engine for keywords. For example, "Map for Navigator Moscow".

In addition, if you do not trust Internet users, you can buy a software package in a car shop, where the cards you need will already be installed. The same packages can be ordered online. As a rule, the price with delivery is even less.

Paper cards

If you do not want to overpay, and in the open access there is no card you need, you can scan the paper cards that you have.

  • Try to scan so that they are oriented to the north.
  • Be sure to save all scanned JPEG copies. Most navigators work with them.
  • Determine the places that are important to you, and find out their coordinates (latitude and longitude).
  • Record all this data in a separate file on your computer in HTM format.
  • Create a folder and transfer all the images and text document into it.

The card scan method is by far the most time consuming. But he can help you out if you can’t get the maps you need on the Internet or can’t access them.

Installation Methods

The easiest way is to transfer the cards directly through the computer.

  1. Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable that should be included with the device.
  2. If you have already downloaded computer kits of maps in advance or purchased software with them, the navigator will detect them and start downloading them.
  3. If you choose the method with paper maps, then transfer this folder to the device.
  4. Check carefully if the navigator reads those coordinates in the text file that you entered.
  5. Look at the pictures, whether they are bright enough, whether everything is clearly visible and everything is clear to you.

Another way to download maps to the navigator is with the help of the memory card of the navigator and card reader.

  1. Remove the memory card from the navigator and insert it into the card reader.
  2. Connect everything to your computer and download new maps to a memory card in a folder that is usually called maps.

Detailed instructions are best sought by a particular model, because although the differences are insignificant, they still exist.

Frequent problems

Sometimes it happens that the navigator does not see the maps just downloaded. Then you should carefully study what software is on your device. Perhaps you should change it to more common, and then there will be no errors.

More information about the programs and software you can read in the instructions for your device.