How to download music for free?

If you want to collect your personal music library, sorted by genre or mood, listening to music on an mp3 player or directly from a computer, then the best option would be to download music from the Internet.

Now there are many ways available on the Internet for free to download almost any music, the simplest of them are:

  • Torrents
  • Specialized music portals
  • Social networks


The main plus of torrents is that you can download music with whole albums or even entire collections of works by one artist. Downloading music from torrents is very easy:

  1. We need a specialized program for working with torrents, the most popular and convenient is uTorrent. You can download it.
  2. Once we have installed the program, go to a specialized site - Torrent tracker. The best Russian tracker is
  3. We register on the site and go to the section with the music we are interested in (it is conveniently sorted by genre and recording format).
  4. Having found the performers we are interested in, go to the topic and download a special torrent file.
  5. Open the file in uTorrent and specify the place to save.

In the program, we can see the download speed and the time remaining to completion. When the download is complete, you can start listening to music.

Music Portals

Specialized sites are very convenient - when you need to download several favorite songs, they do not require registration and allow you to get the track of interest in just a couple of minutes. Let us dwell on one of them.

  1. We go to the site
  2. In the search bar above we write the name of the composition of interest.
  3. On the page that opens, click "Download".
  4. Choose a convenient download format and again click "download".
  5. Choose a place to save the file and wait for the download to complete.

You can download music from other portals, for example,

Social networks

If you are registered with Vkontakte, you have access to a limitless collection of audio recordings that users upload there. You can install a special extension that now exists for almost all modern browsers, or use a separate program that allows you to download music in just 2 clicks.

Browser Option

If you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari, you can simply install a special extension.

  1. Open in the browser menu extensions.
  2. We write in search VK Downloader.
  3. Install this extension.
  4. We restart the browser and go to the site Vkontakte.
  5. Turning to the page with audio recordings, we will see an arrow down next to the name of each song, click on it and the download will begin.

Option using a special program

  1. Download and install the program.
  2. Enter the username and password from the social network.
  3. We can immediately start downloading audio recordings added to our page. To do this, next to the record click on the downward arrow.
  4. If you want to download an audio recording that is not on your page, you can use the search form in the upper right corner.
  5. Downloaded songs can be viewed by clicking the "Downloads" button.

Now you know how to download free music.