How to draw a bicycle?

Ivan Kochura
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How to draw a bicycle?

Cycling is a favorite hobby of not only children, but also many adults. I think many people often notice that on warm spring and summer days, people prefer to ride bicycles, especially if the city is small. Many people ride a bike to work, to rest, make evening walks, putting the bike even higher than the car. Well, while spring is on the street and streams are flowing, I suggest dreaming as soon as possible and we will be able to ride a bike, and not to be sad, let's draw a bicycle. How? You do not know how to draw a bike? This is absolutely not a problem. We will now consider a step-by-step drawing guide.

Instructions for drawing a bike

So, how to draw a bicycle in stages? Carefully read the instructions and can start drawing.

  • Stage 1. At this stage we need to make a sketch. He will help us to keep the proportions while drawing and place all the details in the right places.It is necessary to draw a rectangle, it is in this area that the bicycle frame, steering wheel and other details will be located. In the lower edges of the rectangle we depict circles that will serve as wheels in the future. Before the second wheel we depict a small circle, which will mark the place of the pedal.
  • Stage 2. Now you need to draw a frame in the form of a triangle in the area assigned to the rectangles, draw the steering wheel, seat, brake cable.
  • Stage 3. Now we can start drawing wheels. They need to draw from the already drawn circles. Draw wings over wheels, draw a frame, draw a pedal, as shown in the figure.
  • Stage 4. We draw knitting needles in wheels, draw a chain and other missing details.

From this description, you learned how to draw a bicycle with a pencil. If you want to create a beautiful picture, then arm yourself with felt-tip pens, paints and add the resulting picture with color. Do not forget that all the auxiliary lines drawn with a pencil can be erased, so the sketch is best done with a pencil. Now you know how to draw a bike. Therefore, arm yourself with pencil, paper and create.Keep a sample in front of your eyes and everything will work out for you.