How to draw a rose pencil in stages? How to draw a bouquet of roses?

How to draw a rose pencil in stages? How to draw a bouquet of roses?

How beautiful to draw a rose in pencil in stages? How to draw a bouquet of roses?

Even those who consider themselves to be completely not created for drawing, each person at least once in his life picks up brushes and paints. Someone does this in order to draw a greeting card, someone draws a poster. It is quite natural that in congratulatory pictures a person draws flowers and tries to figure out how to draw a flower. The rose is considered to be the most festive, solemn and beautiful flower, and everyone should know how to draw a rose. This article will be devoted to this noble flower. We will figure out how to draw a rose with different materials, in different angles and on different surfaces.


We took into account that knowledge is most needed, how to draw a rose for beginners or those who rarely take artistic tools in their hands.Therefore, the text of the article was written in an accessible language, and we picked up a visual step-by-step video footage. He, of course, does not carry any training load, but the video can be a good incentive to draw a rose, of which there is no equal beauty. The article is divided into three parts, each of which will present lessons on drawing roses suitable for all occasions.


How to draw roses with pencil



How to draw a rose pencil in stages? How to draw a bouquet of roses?

How to learn to draw a rose pencil in stages?

What is so popular roses that everyone wants to learn how to draw them. Most likely, this image is distinguished by its simplicity in the image, but, unfortunately, not everyone sees at once how simple it really is. Looking at the picture, the thought involuntarily arises that the rose is very beautifully drawn and it seems that it is very difficult to draw. But to figure out how to draw a rose is very simple, it’s just easier to draw daisies.


We will understand how to draw a rose with a pencil. After all, there is no more simple and easy way to draw a rose. So you will understand the principles of the structure of the flower and learn the methods of its image.


How to draw a rose in stages:


  • In the center of the sheet draw a curl of a small rounded shape,it will be the inner petals of a rose;
  • Retreating outward from the first petals at a distance of several millimeters, draw an arc. It should be turned toward the center and touch the ends of the lines of the petals that are already drawn;
  • Draw such arcs of different sizes with varying degrees of distance from the painted petals. Arrange all the following petals from all sides on all sides, because the bud as a result must be rounded;
  • Choose the size of the flower yourself, based on what kind of flower you want to receive as a result. Depending on the number of petals, it will be clear what size the rose will turn out to be;
  • Before you start coloring a flower with colored pencils, paints or felt-tip pens, decide on whether you will draw one flower or you want to receive a whole bunch. If you have not yet understood how to draw a bouquet of roses, then just repeat all the previous steps and only a few times, even though you’ve made an entire postcard with a bouquet of roses;
  • To give color to your picture, you need to color (shade) the inner part of each petal, and leave it outside on the outside;
  • It is necessary to tint smoothly, observing all the rules of the method of gradient shading. If you are not familiar with this technique, then for a start, practice on another sheet. It is necessary to draw a few dark lines with a pencil, and then gradually reduce the saturation of the dark color to the white color of the sheet. See how it is done on the video:


Useful video, how to draw a rose to a beginner:



How to draw a rose in contact



Now to make the second half nice, you don’t have to buy postcards or draw them yourself, and then go to the post office to send. You can simply find his profile VKontakte, and on his wall to draw a beautiful graffiti in the form of a rose. Therefore, we will understand how to draw a rose in contact, because the tools that we have been provided there allow us to draw a rose.


We offer to watch the video drawing lesson roses vkontakte. The principles are the same, then written above, only at a more professional level.



Even if you have a good, it turns out, to draw on paper, it will not guarantee that VKontakte will come out of incomparable beauty. Basically, all the videos, which depict how to draw roses, were shot in the process of drawing on the tablet.And if you do not have it, then with the help of one mouse only, you will not be able to draw a rose, or it will significantly yield to the beauty of the tablet.



If, of course, you show enough perseverance, you can train yourself to draw roses with the mouse. Above all, patience and training. In general, training is needed everywhere. Watch another video how to draw a rose vkontakte:



How to draw a rose on nails



In order to understand everything already, you need to learn how to draw a rose on your nails, because drawing flowers on your nails is not uncommon today. In addition, the roses on the nails look very nice. This manicure is suitable, both in the youth style, and for the evening dress.


Each master has his own style of execution and individuality and specializes in favorite themes for the image. Someone knows how to draw a horse, someone, how to draw a dog or how to draw naruto. And you can see the laid out detailed video, how beautifully draw a rose on the nails:



You, of course, will need certain skills, because the drawings on the nail plates are very small. Not everyone has good eyesight and a firm hand to depict the rose petals on the nails, without spoiling anything. Because with the slightest error, all the work will have to start anew.



Note that the drawings on the nails are made with special brushes. Only with their help you can teach how to draw on the nails. If you do not want to spend money on expensive brushes or go to the salon, you can make thin brushes yourself and make yourself a manicure with roses for some kind of celebration.