How to attract love?

Human love is a deep, intimate feeling of selfless attachment to another person. So say the encyclopedia, but it is stipulated that the exact definition has not yet been found. In fact, there are many arguments about this feeling. For someone, love is a divine state of mind, for someone - carnal attraction to a partner. Some consider love to be a gift, peculiar only to the elect, others are convinced that initially everyone has this talent, but not everyone has been led to show it and develop it. Empathy, dissolution in a loved one, self-denial, intimacy, spiritual and physical, the sacrament - all this refers to love. And sometimes they talk about her as a painful illness, addiction, suffering. ... But people always connect their deepest hopes with love, it makes me change for the better, it brings happiness and joy. A person who has not met love in his life is in some way flawed, he could not incarnate as a person, there is no harmony in his fate.

How to attract love? Who can open us the way to the strongest of experiences? It turns out that everyone only finds the magic door to the country of love.To meet your Juliet, you must have the qualities of Romeo. The reverse is also true.

To attract love: tips

By attracting love into your existence, you must learn to give it, radiate, and the energy of understanding, sympathy and ... love is formed around you.

Many talk about the phenomenon of love, think about how to bring love to life. Human relations have changed, and the question remained urgent. Here are some tips that people received empirically.

  • True happiness is not built by strangers, but by their own hands. To understand your inner self, assess your environment: the world reflects us like a mirror. Want to change something from the outside - change from the inside!
  • Do you really want to find love? Then start helping others with this — your friends, family, and acquaintances. Do what you can, share something important, and the boomerang law will start working for you, you will feel as if nature itself is helping you in finding a dream. Only one remark: help your acquaintances of your gender: a man to a man, a woman to a woman. Then everything will work!
  • Our well-being is very dependent on the environment. Being among lonely, unhappy, depressed people, it is difficult to succeed. Create your social circle consciously, approach this creatively.Remember: you need the energy of luck, which charges with positive fluids and improves life beyond recognition.
  • Love is not abstract, it must be concrete and recognizable. Try to understand which partner you like, what qualities of character and external data you are attracted to, who you could be with, truly, well and comfortably. It is better to comprehend yourself, you, at the same time, create the energy “layout” of the chosen one or the chosen one.
  • You should not follow conventional installations, stereotypes that only give rise to complexes. Each love story is individual and unique.

Feng Shui: how to attract love

Feng Shui - an ancient Chinese practice to achieve harmony with the environment and its use in everyday life. Most of the techniques and concepts of Feng Shui are popular in our day, among them there are many ways to attract love to your life.

It is recommended to activate the zone of love and marriage (south-west zone) in the bedroom. Here are some tips of feng shui theory:

  • post a picture of peonies on the wall, symbolizing happiness, passion and love. You can put a vase with peonies;
  • purchase paired items: Chinese lanterns, shells, Chinese dolls, elephants, red candles (it is sometimes useful to light them to ensure the flow of fresh energy);
  • It is good if there are photos or pictures of loving couples in the bedroom, and it is better to remove the statues and images of single women.

How to draw a man's love

The woman of your dreams, the true friend of life, the real Princess from a fairy tale - every man would like to meet. How to become it? How to make it clear to Him that you are the one he is looking for? 100% recommendations do not exist. And yet there are rules that work well.

  • The charming appearance of the girl, her elegant clothes - will certainly attract the attention of the opposite sex.
  • Properly selected perfumes, pleasantly smelling, suitable for your skin type and clothing - will definitely affect your chosen ones, because we perceive the environment not only with our eyes, but also with our smell.
  • A well-groomed woman who follows her hair, cleanliness and neatness of her hair, a figure with spectacular makeup, long fluffy eyelashes, beautiful nails - compares favorably with the “gray, nondescript mouse” who dreams of great love, but does not want to make any effort for it.
  • Men are not only fond of the "shell".Honesty and decency, intellect and temperament, thrift and the ability to support a loved one in difficult times - write down all this in the advantages of your image, which your chosen one will definitely appreciate, and who, in any case, will stay with you forever.