How to draw a minion with a pencil?

Julia Rykova
Julia Rykova
September 23, 2014
How to draw a minion with a pencil?

Minions are a funny and funny race from the cartoon "Despicable Me": kind, smiling, with a sense of humor. No wonder they quickly became popular characters around the world. In this article we have prepared a simple instruction on how to reproduce the famous cartoon on paper. With it, you can easily learn how to draw a variety of minions.

We draw the minion: preparation for work

In order to draw a minion, you will need:

  1. clean album sheet
  2. simple and color pencils
  3. eraser

Allocate free space for work and make sure that you have enough time (you need only 15-20 minutes), and then start creating a minion.

How to draw a minion in pencil in stages

  1. The basis of the figure. In the middle of the sheet, draw the future head of the minion - round or oblong. We recommend starting with a round head to figure out how to draw a minion.
  2. Inside the circle, draw perpendicular lines that mark its center.Then - a rectangular body with rounded corners. The width and length of it should be about the same with the future head.Minion
  3. Hairstyle drawing Circle the top of the circle fatter and paint the hair. At this stage, you decide what the gender of your future character will be. If you draw a minion girl, then instead of the rare weed-hair on the character's head, draw two pigtails with a pencil.
  4. Glasses and eyes. Draw two smaller circles from the middle of the head - these are glasses. Do not forget the strap and frame. Inside, two more small circles are eyes. Label the pupils. Under the glasses, draw a small line - this is a grinning mouth.

Dress up your minion

  1. Start with the "sleeves". Two small rectangles to the right and to the left under the head are straps from overalls. Hands in gloves draw as if they are in the sleeves of a shirt. Then, in order to finish the jumpsuit, you just need to circle the lower part of the body more fatly.
  2. Inside the jumpsuit, draw a small rectangle and a circle inside. If you wish, you can remove a cartoon emblem or any other image there.
  3. Legs and shoes. Two small identical rectangles under the jumpsuit are minion's pants.To draw a minion girl, add a skirt in the fold. Do not forget to draw shoes.
  4. Now that all the important details have been drawn, erase unnecessary markup, circle what seems unfinished to you, and color the cartoon. Your minion is ready.