How to drive to the girl?

Have you ever wondered why some men manage to easily gain the attention of a girl, while others are expected to fail? At the same time, the latter can be much more beautiful, more successful and more interesting. It is very important to impress the girl from the first minutes of communication. Let's talk more about how to do this.

Rules pickup: how to roll up to the girl

When seducing a beautiful woman, your most important task is to roll up to the girl so that she doesn’t send you away.

  • The first and fundamental rule for a successful pickup is to be confident.
  • The next step is to catch her gaze. You can read a lot in the eyes, including whether the girl is ready to meet now and whether she is interested in it at all at the moment. Impudence is, of course, good, especially in the pickup, but since we are talking about success and that you are not immediately pulled away, you should not go all the way.
  • You shouldn't ask such annoying questions like “Does your mother need a son-in-law?”, “Why does a beautiful woman miss her?” etc. By this you will precisely alienate the girl from yourself and are unlikely to start a conversation with her.

If the girl caught your eye and you see her interest, then fix the position. If the chosen one is walking along the street, try to walk alongside, keeping as close as possible, but without stepping into her comfort zone. If a girl, for example, is sitting in a park, then continue to sneak glances, but not directly at her, but with sidelong, side vision. So say, watch her. You can also adapt to her position. Psychologists say that if a person adjusts to the pose and breath of another person, then at the subconscious level, he will produce a favorable impression and cause confidence.

Here comes the moment when it's time to start a conversation.

  • It is important to remember that the first impression of a person is formed within 15 seconds. So make sure you are neatly dressed, combed, shoes are clean and you smell good. Do not forget about the smile too.
  • Do not begin to communicate with the girl with the banal pattern phrases: "Girl, can I meet you?" or "Girl, haven't we met before?" Most likely, it will immediately scare her. Believe me, you are not the first who approached her with similar questions.
  • Also try not to use the particle "not" in your questions.For example, "Would you like to go to the theater with me?". The answer would rather be - no. And, again, it acts on the subconscious, a protective reaction works.
  • Be original. If you accidentally heard her name, you can come up and say: "Marina, your smile blinded me more than today's bright sun." Do not be afraid to be stupid: girls love the ears. She will definitely smile at you again, perhaps even embarrassed, not to mention that you will improve her mood for the whole day.

Following these tips, you will not notice how you are already walking with the girl you like, chatting merrily, and at the end of the walk she will definitely leave you her phone.

Online dating

If you are not yet brave enough to meet girls in real life, there is one more way - to drive to the girl you like on Vkontakte (VK) or on other social networks.

  • You can come up with an interesting non-banal comment on her photo, which she will definitely want to answer.
  • You can also, after analyzing her personal data and reviewing her photos, ask her some interesting question in PM.
  • It will not be superfluous to learn what unites you and incline communication to this topic.