How to dry muscles?

Dmitry Medvedev
Dmitry Medvedev
July 4, 2012
How to dry muscles?

Many of those who are engaged in bodybuilding, know that as a result of training "dirty" weight is gained. Therefore, in order to get a beautiful pumped body, it is necessary not only to gain weight, but also to cut off the “excess” and leave only the muscles. About what is drying, and how to dry the muscles, and will be discussed in this article.

Drying is the period for which the body needs to lose weight, and get in shape. Suppose you for the winter gained 5 kilograms of weight. Unfortunately, our body is designed so that this weight is distributed both on muscle mass and on fat, and since we do not need it, it needs to be burned. So it turns out that in order to gain 2 kg of muscles, you need to gain 5 and burn 3. The main result after drying is a reduction in weight, but the appearance of relief compared to the state before drying.

Drying includes:

  1. special diet
  2. adapted workouts
  3. taking drugs.


First you need to prepare the body for 2-3 weeks, namely, to reduce the carbohydrate content to a minimum, and the protein content to a maximum.This diet can be divided into several stages:

  • Period of low-carbohydrate diet (50-60% protein, 10-20% fat, carbohydrates - the rest) for 4-5 weeks.
  • Period without carbohydrate diet (80% protein, 20% fat, minimum carbohydrates) over the period.
  • The period of a carbohydrate-free diet and draining of water (maximum of proteins, minimum of fats, no carbohydrates, water - distilled) is less than a week.
  • Carbohydrate loading period. Muscles after drying will shrink and be able to accumulate more carbohydrates than before drying. Due to this, you can, for example, prepare for competitions.

During drying, you have to eat only boiled food. For example, you can boil a chicken breast, changing water every 5 minutes, that is, popping, pouring out water - poured boiling water, etc. Much attention is paid to sports nutrition - protein shakes, amino acids, multivitamins.

Power training

They will be much more difficult for the whole organism, so it is necessary to reduce weight in all types of exercises, but to increase the number of repetitions, for example, from 8-9 to 13-14.

Aerobic training

Here the main amount of training. Best run or cycling in the morning and evening for 40-50 minutes.


I think it’s not worth mentioning that this is not useful, but if you finally decided on this, then here’s a list of the more accessible ones:

  • B2 - frenomimetiki (clenbuterol)
  • Adaptogens (ginseng, leuzea)
  • Energy (guarana, caffeine)
  • Vitamins, including injectables

It should be noted that drying has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle, and it is used to improve your body for a very short time. We hope that you and I have answered the question of how to dry the muscles, but whether to do it or not, this is already your choice.