How to edit a site?

Own site is not uncommon, and many have both their own home pages and whole portals. Someone makes websites himself, but many more people use the services of professional web designers. But the site is a complete project that is a means of expressing yourself, your ideas and thoughts. It is required in constant addition, modification and editing.

How to edit HTML site

In order to edit a site written in HTML, you need to edit the code directly. Create and delete html documents and create links to them. But there is an option that allows you to significantly simplify your work - these are visual editors.

WYSIWYG - an abbreviation means: "what I see, I get it." Modern html web designers mostly use these editors. The most famous of them is. It allows not only to easily create, edit pages and manage the structure of the site, but also automatically upload ready changes to the Internet.

Dreamweaver costs a lot of money and for starters, you can try alternatives, such as phpDesigner,which is much cheaper, Codelobster which has a free version, or the completely free open source editor QUANTA PLUS for linux.

How to edit a CMS website

Recently, CMS - content management systems have become very popular. These are ready-made website engines with a ready-made interface that allow even novices without a knowledge of web design and programming to make a full-featured website, store or social network and easily manage it. Of course, this also requires certain knowledge, in this case, its own for each individual CMS, but they also have common features.

- The simplest of all CMS, originally intended for creating personal blogs, but allows you to create fully functional sites.

- has more opportunities, but somewhat more difficult to master.

- the most functional and flexible of all CMS, but requires at least basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP.

  1. In order to add a new page in the CMS, you need to create a new menu item.
  2. To do this, go to the menu tab of the administrative part of the site, select the desired menu and in the list of existing items, create a new one and give it a name.
  3. After that, go to the content (material) management section, click on create and make a page, just like it would be created in word. And as the address, select the menu item you just created.
  4. In order to edit the site page, it is enough to find the necessary one in the content management section and click edit. You will see the finished page, open in the editor, where you can make any changes.
  5. Media data, such as pictures, must be uploaded to the server in advance.

Specialized Services

They answer the question of how to edit a website on a hosting and which solutions offer various ways to manage data, allowing you to upload information to the website with maximum convenience. Many also provide various site designers. These services are offered by google, ucoz and many other companies.

How to edit a site on ucoz

Ucoz offers a simple website builder, where you need to follow the instructions to create them. Select a template, create a structure and fill it with content. To edit, just go to the desired section of the site in administrative mode and make the necessary changes.