How to equip a home workshop

You will need
  • - crafting table;
  • - a case for tools;
  • - first aid kit;
  • - fire extinguisher;
  • - drinking water;
  • - rags.
The required minimum area for the workshop is 6.5 m2. Starting to equip the room, think out a plan. Mark on it the layout of the necessary equipment and cabinet for tools.
The room must have good lighting and a hard surface floor. Make a window for airing. Be sure to install multiple electrical outlets.
The main workplace in the workshop - a workbench, which is designed for plumbing, carpentry and other works. Its length is 2 m, width is 70 cm, height is 85 cm. The thickness of the table cover should be up to 10 cm, but not less than 4 cm. It contains front and rear vices, as well as a recess for tools.
Racks of a desktop should be steady and strong. Position the workbench under the window of the long part so that the light evenly illuminates the surface.The table cover must be rigidly attached to the frame. The table itself is attached to the floor.
If the window is at the level of the workbench cover, install a protective screen 35 cm high. Make it of plywood or chipboard and paint with waterproof paint or light-colored enamel.
In a small room, use a bench. It should be well dried and chipped. Length - 1.5 m, width - 25 cm, thickness - 4 cm. Attach it to the wall on the brackets or clamps to the table.
Mandatory accessory workshop - a cabinet for a variety of tools. It will be constantly updated, so make it comfortable and roomy.
The workshop does not interfere with a powerful vacuum cleaner, which will prevent large dust levels. Allocate a permanent place for a roomy bucket, where you can fold bent nails, screws, glass fragments. Make the necessary supply of rags and drinking water.
During the work with the tool injuries are possible. In the workshop room should be a first aid kit. Take a place for a good fire extinguisher.