How to equip an apartment

You will need
  • Humidifier.
  • Decoration Materials.
  • Sound insulation means.
  • Fluorescent lamps.
  • Overheating protection.
  • Antistatic.
A serious threat to home ecology is modern glued and upholstered furniture. It brings smells of synthetic glue, different varnishes. And the foam packing of upholstered furniture collapses with time and begins to release harmful substances. To combat harmful effects, it is necessary to regularly air rooms, measure the level of radioactivity. And try to use special building materials and high density wallpaper. Ideally, the furniture should be wooden.
To humidify the air in the apartment you can put an aquarium. The aquarium is a natural air humidifier and adds aesthetic beauty to the shelter. Good help electric humidifiers in the form of water fountains or evaporators.The best way to improve the air in the apartment is air conditioning. It will automatically control the temperature and humidity.
Living conditions in the house depends on heating. The main requirement for heating the apartment is the temperature uniformity of heating throughout its area. High and low temperatures are bad for people's well-being.
In cold weather with overheating, it is easy to fight with frequent airing. And in the summer, curtains, draperies, blinds, green spaces can protect from overheating.
But using both the blinds and the plants at the same time, you need to take care that they do not deprive the room of sunlight.
The lack of light is one of the causes of pain and poor physical development of the child, worsens the health of adults. Illumination of the apartment can be improved with impeccable cleanliness of the windows. Dirty windows hold up to 20% of the light. It is good to hang curtains that can be fully extended in the afternoon.
Must be hygienic and artificial lighting. The most comfortable frosted glass shades, giving an even soft light. Red, orange lampshades are harmful to the eyes.
Many use fluorescent lamps to do the right thing. The light they emit is close to daylight. An unusual view of your interior will give light to the paintings, shelves, bookshelves, curtains. If in a room to place the hidden lamps and mirrors, then visually the rooms will seem larger.
How to equip <strong> apartment </ strong>
Very harmful to human health noise. How often you want to stay at home in silence and relax. To reduce the noise in the rooms can be when pasting walls with sound-absorbing wallpaper on a paper basis. Well-absorbed sound roll carpets on foam or felt basis. Coatings made of synthetic roll and sheet materials also have soundproofing properties.
Natural lighting of the room.
Another harmful factor is static electricity. It can affect the dustiness of the apartment. You can fight it with the help of air humidification, processing of synthetic materials with antistatic agents, rubbing floors with special wax mastic.
In each house there are products from ceramics and crystal. These beautiful things can serve as a source of radiation. Scientific studies have shown that crystal contains dangerous levels of lead.Food that is stored in a ceramic container acquires elevated levels of harmful metals.