How to fall in love with yourself again?

Love can be compared with a fire, because if you do not support it with new emotions, it soon fades away, leaving behind a handful of ashes. No matter how sublime and deep were your feelings, over time, their life sticks to them. Basically it happens that after parting, we understand how necessary and dear to us people. The ability to resume fading relationships and fall in love with a newly cooled second half can be an excellent alternative to divorce or separation. Before embarking on a scam with the revival of faded feelings, you must objectively assess the situation and weigh all the pros and cons. If it became clear that this person is necessary for you, as air, then there is no other way out than to make you fall in love again, and for this you will need an emergency plan.

If the husband lost interest

If your husband's feelings have cooled, it means that there is some reason that most likely lurks in you. It is worth looking at yourself from the side: perhaps, from a cheerful, cheerful and bright girl you turned into a nervous, downtrodden woman, entangled in a routine of unsolved problems? Then everything is simple - you become boring and uninteresting.If you began to think about how to fall in love with your husband again, then change something in yourself right now. Try to perceive your surroundings from a different angle. You should not dress up in frivolous clothes and poison jokes to him, instead try to change the image or change your wardrobe. You need to stop being predictable and banal, change your hairstyle, make beautiful makeup and prepare a romantic dinner - this will give a new impetus to your relationship and present you from a new, unexpected side.

How to return the love of a guy or a girl?

During the relationship you, most likely, have common friends and acquaintances. Try to be with your soulmate in a common company, because joint interests will help bring you closer. When taking active steps and developing a plan for how to make the guy fall in love again, remember that you should not make him jealous. Do not appear on holidays with a new boyfriend, as your former elect will think that everything in your life is great, and this fact only keeps him away from you.

Also tell your close friends how badly you are without him, and how hard you are going through a long separation.If they really are true friends, they will not be able to keep such a terrible secret in themselves and will surely tell it to your ex-boyfriend. And if there is at least one spark of extinct flame left in him, he will probably think about the fact that he was wrong in deciding to end your relationship in a spur of the moment.

If for some reason your girl has become cold to you and is disappointed in you, then it will not be so easy to regain her trust. If there is some understatement between you, then it is necessary to solve this problem in the first place, because trust is the main link in the relationship. Straight talk will help you find a way out of the situation, perhaps it is he who is lacking in your relationship. To understand how to re-fall in love with a girl, you need to first eliminate the cause of your discord. Maybe you have recently paid her too little attention or were very rude? It's time to fix everything, do not be afraid to take the first step, because all the difficulties are solved, we need only to look at the situation from the right angle.