How to find a good job?

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How to find a good job?

Everyone needs a job, not only with sufficient income, but also with good conditions, team and leadership. An experienced person knows how important it is to find a place where you will not only earn good money, but also feel comfortable. Let's talk more about how to find a good job.

What is a good job?

Psychologists note that the most comfortable working conditions are the following:

  • The proximity of the location of the workplace from home or a nearby metro station, friendly and cohesive team;
  • Competent leadership;
  • The presence of "white" wages, stable payments to employees without any delays, the availability of a premium payment system, various bonuses for the performance of a particular job.

In addition, good work is also considered to be one that brings pleasure, and at the same time takes a person 8 hours of work per day.

How to find a good job: tips

It all starts with the preparation of a resume, it must be literate and thoughtful.You need to apply yourself with the best possible side. You do not need to concentrate on any trifles, indicate your greatest and most significant achievements, be sure to consider the field in which you work and what the specifics of your profession are, do not ascribe other people's achievements to yourself and at the same time do not exaggerate your achievements. It is not necessary to attribute to yourself the achievements that you do not have. Also, do not forget to check your resume for any errors - this is an extremely important selection criterion for many employers. If the recruitment agent notices the presence of errors in the summary, he can immediately postpone it, without having read it to the end.

When searching for a job, use all possible options, ranging from advertisements in newspapers and the Internet to business connections, as well as dating. Having found a potentially good option, do not hesitate to find out as much as possible about the company you want to work at: how long it has been on the market, has there been any problems with the tax service. Look necessarily customer reviews about the company, evaluate the prospects for its development. Also evaluate your perspectives: can you get acclimatized in this company, can you actively develop in it, and do you like the working conditions. Be active and proactive.

Be sure to go to the interview. It is during the interview that you will be able to learn as much as possible about the company and about your future work, also you will be able to submit yourself more profitably, to tell something that you have not told in your resume. It is better to prepare for the interview in advance, approximately 2-3 days before the interview. Think about what you should wear, how to speak, what questions to ask and which you shouldn’t, what questions you can ask, how you answer them. To get a good job, you need to properly behave at the interview. You will learn more about what you need to do at the interview and what you shouldn’t do in the article How to pass the interview.

However, if you are still deciding on a suitable job, you need to analyze your knowledge and skills, as well as understand what work you need.

Analysis of your capabilities

Under the analysis of opportunities refers to the assessment of experience, specific skills and abilities.

By skills is meant the ability of a person to perform a certain job accurately, correctly, efficiently and as quickly as possible. The experience can include a variety of aspects of the work. This could be, for example, a presentation experience, a client communication experience, a customer search experience, a leadership experience, a teamwork organization, a sales experience, and so on.

The best proof of experience is the portfolio. It should be reflectedJobresults of your activity for a specific period of time. Remember that your experience is not work experience. With equal experience, different people may have different achievements. If you find a job that requires a great experience, but you also have considerable achievements, you can try to offer your candidature. The main thing is to present your portfolio well and receive recommendations from the employer, as well as good feedback from customers.

Even if you see that the vacancy does not quite match your skills, send a resume anyway: it is quite possible that you will be answered and you will find the very job you were looking for. As for the lack of some skills, remember that you can always improve your skills by enrolling in various courses. Moreover, in the team itself you can also be helped to improve certain skills. Recruitment agencies recommend sending out resumes every day to at least 10 different companies. This way you increase your chance of success and can choose the most advantageous offer.