How to find out the password from the mail?

We will now tell all those interested in how to find out the password from the mail, if you have forgotten it or do not know it. Let's look at different ways how to find out the password of someone else's mail, as well as your own.

The method of obtaining a password from someone else's mail

You should know the security question that was asked when creating the email. Also, the security question makes it possible to change the old password to any other. You only need to know the security question that your friend e-mail is and the answer to it. This method will also help you learn the password from Yandex Mail.

In the network where your friend is registered, create a new account. In a social network it is very easy to impersonate a completely different person and easily enter into a person’s trust. You need to register under the guise of a girl, because so there will be no suspicion. For several weeks in a row, calmly communicate under a new name Add to your friends page, upload videos, photos, audio recordings, update statuses, in a word, lead an active life of the profile. This is necessary so that your friend does not suspect anything strange.And we are moving closer to answering the question of how to find out the mailbox password. Then add your friend as a friend (under the pretext that you are bored) and communicate with him for a long time. Keep talking about you and him. The conversation must be in a joking manner, in order to arouse his sympathy.

One day, start a conversation on his security question to an email. Ask the same question, only in completely different words, so that suspicions do not appear. Immediately after you learn the security question, use it to change the password on his email. Then simply delete your profile from this social network. Here's how to find out the email password. Then go to the social network, just under your real name, and tell a friend how you played a joke on him. Be sure to remember to return access to his email.

Own email password

And now we will talk about how to find out the password from your own mail. Try to remember what data you entered about yourself when you created your mailbox. This can help you a lot when recovering your mailbox password.Upon entering the mail you will see the link "Forgot your password?". Perhaps, you will be provided with such links as “Recover password”, etc. You may be asked to send the password to another email address (if you have one) that you specified when registering this one. If you do not have another mailbox, you can be asked to answer a secret (control) question. Mail users often use a question called Mother’s Maiden Name. Another common question may be the name (nickname) of a dog.

The second way is to restore the number via a mobile number. You will need to enter the last digits of your number. You will receive an SMS with a code. You enter it and then follow the prompts to change the password.