How to flash HTC Desire?

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How to flash HTC Desire?

HTC Desire is a communicator (smartphone) with the Android operating system. It was developed by HTC. Let's talk more about how to flash HTC Desire in various ways.

Preparing for firmware

Firmware is a replacement or software update for your phone. Phone firmware is the same as reinstalling Windows on a personal computer. For successful firmware, you must perform the following steps:

  • To obtain superuser rights (root-rights) on the site, download the Unrevoked program. Root rights are a special account on UNIX systems. The owner of such an account can perform all operations without exception.
  • Run the downloaded program and select the file "Hboot Driver". Follow the instructions to install the HBOOT driver. You can download drivers for self-installation on the website.
  • Next, you need to disable Desire and enable it in the HBOOT system. This can be done using the Power and Volume Down buttons. Click them simultaneously.
  • Then the smartphone must be connected to the PC using a USB cable. We are waiting for the HBOOT USB PLUG message to appear, and go to the “Device Manager”.Right-click on the device Android 1.0 and select the section "Update drivers".
  • Click on "Run a search for drivers on this computer." Next you need to select the folder in which the drivers were unpacked.
  • Exit the HBOOT menu. This will help you the Volume Up, Volume Down buttons (move through the menu items) and the Enter button.
  • In normal mode, launch the smartphone and turn on USB lay-up mode.

If you installed the HTC Sync application, uninstall it, but leave the drivers. Next, run Unrevoked and connect your device to the PC. Give your consent with the requested information. After that, wait. The device will reboot, and as a result the message “Unrevoked 3 Painless root and reflash” should appear.

How to flash HTC Desire: the main part

The procedure will be as follows: first download the firmware. You can download it on the site. Recommended firmware is RuHD and InsertCoin.

Next you need to clear all user data. To do this, in the device menu, select “Settings” -> “Privacy” -> “Reset data”. You can also do this using the firmware recovery mode. To do this, go to the Recovery menu, select the section “Wipe data / factory reset ->“ Yes ”. Thanks to this, the firmware modules will not match.

How to install the firmware file for HTC Desire?

  • In the Recovery menu, select the file “install zip from sd-card”. If necessary, turn off or turn on signature verification (Clockwork).
  • Next, find the zip firmware, select it and run.
  • When the installation is complete, you will see “Installation completed”. Restart your smartphone and wait for the download to start.

The firmware usually lasts about fifteen to thirty minutes. As a result, you should get a new version of Android.

How to expand memory for applications?

The phone firmware itself takes a lot of free space. In order to download various applications, the smartphone may not have enough free memory. In this case, you will help a special program. For this:

  • Download the "ROM Manager" program from the "Market" and launch it.
  • Next, find the item "Create partitions on the SD card." Select the size of the ext partition.
  • The device must reboot and a partition will be created.