How to fry a perch?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
April 9, 2013
How to fry a perch?

Perch is a very tasty and delicate fish. There are simply a huge amount of recipes for perch, they are all very appetizing and uncomplicated. You can get acquainted with some of them by reading our article. We will not cook or boil it, but we will tell you how to fry a perch.

Fry sea bass

Prepare the following ingredients:

  • Perch fillet or whole, butchery fish;
  • Sunflower oil;
  • Fruits: apples, pears, kiwi, lemon, one piece each;
  • Sour cream: 300 grams 20% fat;
  • Seasonings: dried dill, basil, parsley, salt, pepper.

How to fry a sea bass to get original and unusual? Stew the fruit in a skillet or in a cauldron with the addition of sunflower oil. While the side dish will be browned, rub the fish with lemon juice, dry herbs, salt and pepper, marinate for 30-40 minutes.

How to fry a perch further? Fillet should be well fried in vegetable oil, about 20 minutes. Now add sour cream, reduce the heat, fry for another 15 minutes. Add the fruit to the pan, cook for 10 minutes over low heat.The recipe is simple, but suitable for the holiday table. The dish is nourishing, so you can serve without a side dish.

Fry river perch

And now let's talk about how to fry river perch. First we need the perch itself. Crisp is exactly provided, because the cover of this fish is thicker than many others. This recipe for frying a perch is quite simple. An excellent side dish can be eggplants, zucchini or ripe zucchini. Before you begin, cut up the fish to get the carcass. Since there are few small bones in the perch, they do not need to be removed. Cut off the head, get rid of the fins. Prepare:

  • Vegetable or olive oil can be both. Take also 300 grams of butter.
  • One lemon, if small - two.
  • Of course, the perch or its fillets.
  • Seasoning: salt, ground pepper or "peas", you can add dried basil and cardamom to taste.
  • Vegetables: zucchini or zucchini, eggplant. You can take all the vegetables one by one. If only certain, then take two pieces.

Marinate the fish, rubbing it with all the spices, sprinkle with spices. Leave for 20-30 minutes, no more. Take the vegetables, wash, you can clean the skin, but it is not necessary.You can cut into "circles" or "straws." In a skillet with high sides, melt butter by squeezing lemon juice into it. Now you need to fry the vegetables in this mixture. Then put them on a plate, take a perch. In the pan you need to heat the oil (olive or vegetable), put the fish fillet in it. In the question of how many perch to fry, a clear answer can not be. See that there is a crust, and the meat becomes pale. It is about 15-20 minutes on high heat. Serve with vegetables, fried potatoes.