How to get enough sleep and get up in the morning: 7 life hacking

Mulher-tomando-cafeThe working week is in full swing, and in the mornings one needs to be cheerful, collected and effective. But how to be, if by nature you are an "owl"? If the early rise is given to you with difficulty, the morning hours are held under the motto “more coffee!”, And at the end of the day it is impossible to fall asleep until late at night?

Early awakening is useful not only for your work, but also for health. This is the best watch in order to be the most active - all the processes of the body function correctly and the energy reserve is very large. In addition, those who go to bed before midnight are twice as likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.

Here are 7 life hacking, how to accustom yourself to this mode of the day.

№ 1. Go to bed early

To get up easily in the morning and feel rested, you need to really relax! The problem with early ascents is that we do not get enough sleep, as we go to bed far after midnight. If you go to bed at 10-11 pm, you will not have such a problem.


No. 2. Get up the first time.

Do not delay the wake-up time by rearranging the alarm for another five minutes. It is better to spend this time with a cup of tea and leisurely thinking about plans for the day.


No. 3. Start the morning with a contrast shower

A simple shower is also suitable if you do not like temperature drops. The main thing - get out of the warm bed right under the stream of water. This will invigorate you and wake you up completely.


No. 4. Sleep in a well-ventilated room.

It is desirable that at night your window was ajar. In the air saturated with oxygen, the body recovers better.


№ 5. Do not gorge on for the night

At night, all body processes slow down. And it is very important that your digestion does not have to work extra during the night shift - so you wake up sluggish and tired.


Sleep in a completely dark room

Darkness contributes to a more complete relaxation of the body. So your sleep will be much deeper than if you sleep with a nightlight or desk llama on.


№ 7. Drink a glass of water.

The first thing after waking up drink a glass of water. You can prepare it in advance, in the evening, and put it on the bedside table. This will not only cheer you up and bring back from the dream world into the real world,but also helps to remove harmful substances that have accumulated in the body overnight.


These were 7 life hacking, how to train yourself to get up early.