How to get plastic

You will need
  • Passport.
Get a plastic card in a large store to have a permanent discount on the goods you buy there. To do this, pay a certain insignificant amount of money once when you buy a card and fill out a store profile within a certain time (no more than two weeks). If this is not done, the card is blocked and it is impossible to use discounts. This card is perpetual and very profitable.
To transfer earned money on the Internet, for example, get a plastic bank card. To do this, contact the operator, write an application for a card and provide your passport. After that, get the card immediately or in a few days depending on the chosen bank.
When it is received, it is necessary to obtain a PIN-code, which will later confirm all operations on the expenditure of funds, therefore, it should be known only to the owner of the plastic. You may need to leave a sample of your signature on the page for that purpose.After that, you can start using plastic.