How to get rich?

You have long dreamed of becoming more than a person with an average salary, perhaps you want to be fabulously wealthy, and perhaps more earthly - to gain, finally, financial independence, and you don’t know how to get rich.

All successful people have long known and understood how to get rich, but they share their secrets reluctantly. They all know how to attract money to themselves, they love money, and, accordingly, they reciprocate. You just look at any rich person from your inner circle. He probably does not lie on the couch, devoured by envy about the purchase by a neighbor of a new car, departure for rest in foreign countries. He, on the contrary, works around the clock, believing in himself and the result of his labor, leading himself to full accountability in all his actions.

It is clear to get rich, the help of magic is not needed. But there is something mystical about this, because a person himself sets a program and motivation for his actions. Yes, of course, the opinion of others should not be ignored, but the final conclusion of each act should be exclusively yours.And successful people count all their actions a few steps ahead.

How did Prokhorov get rich, interesting? He loved and respected money. Money should be treated with dignity, not shove them into a wallet with a crumpled wad in the back pocket of your jeans. Money like a bill - have you heard? This is true, but they also love respect and gentle care.

No matter how you want to get rich, whether from scratch or having initial capital, abroad you or planning to get rich in Russia, this aspiration unites one thing - you need to be firmly aware of your goal and strive to achieve it.

How to get rich: tips

How to get rich quickly or at least slightly improve their position? I recommend to get acquainted with some tips on how to get rich:

  • The most important thing is to reconfigure in a new way. Throw away negative thoughts (to get rich on real estate is unreal, competitors are beasts, sharks of business, etc.). Make yourself a mantra in the style of "I love money and they love me," tune in a positive way. Protect your good mood!
  • Dwelling. Finally, clean your house from all sorts of rubble, try to arrange furniture on Feng Shui. But what if? Our home is only an intermediary between the Universe and us. Throw away all unnecessary things, do not save up useless trash, know how to part with the obsolete stages of life.Holding a deadly grip on junk is the psychology of a poor man. Motivates?
  • Buy only new and expensive, high-quality items. Miser pays twice. Remember the famous quote: "I am not rich enough to buy cheap things."
  • Believe in luck! Passing the kiosk, buy a lottery ticket. Suddenly lucky?
  • Learn to save by buying only the really necessary things of decent quality.
  • Open a bank account and postpone it as soon as possible.
  • Find a talent in yourself, learn to put it into practice. Share your skills with people; working with your head is much more promising than with your hands.
  • Communicate more often with successful people who could realize their ambitions and achieve prosperity in life in practice.
  • Invest your money. As you know, money should work, only in this way it can be multiplied with a decent coefficient. Risk is a noble cause.
  • Do not cover yourself with an invisible lid. Change jobs to a decent, high-paying. If you need additional knowledge, education, get them. It's never too late to learn!

To understand how you can get rich, given, as a rule, only to those who are already successful.For self-development is hard work, there is no place for parasites and lovers of “freebies”. You have the right to be rich, so why aren't you using your opportunities yet? Ostap Bender was selling the air ...

Successes in all undertakings!