How to get rid of a bruise under the eye?

Bruise under the eye - a sight, frankly, unattractive. Contemplation of such a dubious "decoration" is, of course, not a pleasure either for the owner himself or the people around him. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of the bruise as soon as possible.

How to quickly get rid of a bruise under the eye: tips

Before we talk about how to get rid of a bruise under the eye, we need to figure out what a bruise is and how it appears. Knowing the causes of its occurrence, it is easier to choose the appropriate treatment methods. What a bruise looks like, probably everyone knows - an ugly purple spot on the skin, which eventually changes its color to dark purple, and then to a greenish yellow. A bruise, which physicians scientifically call hematoma, is an external manifestation of subcutaneous bleeding caused by damage to the capillaries due to a particular injury.

How to prevent bruising

In order to prevent hematoma, it is necessary to stop internal bleeding as soon as possible.To do this, it is necessary to urgently attach something very cold to the place of injury, for example, a piece of ice from the refrigerator, which must first be wrapped in a scarf or a thin towel. If you do not have ice, use any suitable item - frozen meat, ice cream briquette, etc.

Keep an improvised compress under your eye for about half an hour. The cold will cause reflex vasoconstriction, the bleeding will stop, and it is quite possible that the bruise will not appear at all. If, despite all the measures taken, the bruise is still formed, you can try to remove it as soon as possible, without waiting until it resolves naturally.

How to get rid of a bruise under the eye at home

  • When the bruise has formed, all treatment should be directed to quickly remove microscopic blood clots from under the skin. To do this, it is necessary to expand the capillaries and increase blood circulation in the area of the hematoma. This can be achieved by heating the injury site. For these purposes it is most convenient to use a small linen bag with heated kitchen salt or a freshly cooked chicken egg, which must be attached to the bruise and held under the eye for about a quarter of an hour.Do such warming should be three times a day.
  • Perfectly stimulates blood circulation tincture of mountain arnica, which can be purchased at a pharmacy in a ready-made form.
  • Well help to treat bruises ointment based on horse chestnut or heparin extract, usually used in medicine for the treatment of varicose veins. Heparin stimulates splitting and liquefaction of dried blood, and chestnut extract reduces capillary permeability and strengthens their walls.
  • Getting rid of a bruise in a short time will also help the juice of plantain leaves or parsley leaves. Mash them well and apply the green mass to the bruise several times a day.
  • Regular onions - an effective folk remedy that helps in a short time to get rid of the bruise under the eye. Only at once we warn: it is necessary to suffer a little and, perhaps, even to start a tear. A piece of onion should be finely grated, a little salt onion gruel, wrap it in a shred of fabric and apply such an improvised compress to the bruise for a quarter of an hour in the morning, afternoon and evening.