How to get rid of belching?

Every person has a belch, as this is an absolutely normal phenomenon. But the difference is in the frequency: someone does not even know what �burping� means, but for others it is a real problem that haunts them daily. What to do in this case? Let's try to figure it out together.

What is belching

Belching refers to the voluntary or involuntary discharge of gases from the stomach or esophagus, which occurs due to the contraction of the diaphragm. It happens that the contents of the stomach while part of it enters the esophagus - this process is called regurgitation.

Why is belching? As a rule, gas escapes from the stomach imperceptibly through the intestines or mouth in small portions. Sometimes it happens that a person swallows too much air, or too much gas is formed in the stomach - then the pressure inside the stomach increases. At the same time, the sphincter between the esophagus and the stomach relaxes, and between the duodenum and the stomach, it contracts. It is because of this that belching occurs.

Burping Types

Depending on what happens belching, there are different kinds of it.

For example, with increased acidity, the eructation will be a little acidic, and when released into the stomach of bile - bitter. A putrid burp indicates a stagnation as well as a putrid fermentation inside the stomach, which is also called pylori stenosis. Burping rotten - one of the earliest symptoms of chronic gastritis, called atrophic or hypersecretory. It is necessary to think about going to the doctor if such an eructation is accompanied by a feeling of overflow after eating, aching pain in the stomach, nausea, heaviness and regurgitation.

There are also various types of burping food, in which, in addition to gas, small portions of the contents of the stomach can enter the mouth. Sour burping food speaks of a peptic ulcer. As a rule, it is accompanied by increased acidity of the stomach. In this situation, the cause of acidity is too much secretion of gastric juice, or fermentation, if it is not hydrochloric acid. A bitter burping of food is the result of the release of a portion of bile into the stomach. Often, patients complain of a putrid eructation, which also speaks of the putrefactive decomposition of the contents of the stomach due to its stagnation.

Causes of burping

The causes of belching can be very many, but among the most common diseases that cause it are the following:

  • Esophagitis.
  • Reflux disease.
  • Gastritis.
  • Duodenal ulcer.
  • Helicobacter.
  • A stomach ulcer.

How to get rid of belching? If you are too worried about belching, consult your doctor. You may need treatment.

In healthy people, as a rule, it happens infrequently. Its increase indicates possible diseases of the gallbladder, liver, stomach or intestines. Doctors claim that in conditions and diseases that are accompanied by impaired mechanisms of the cardiac sphincter, which is located between the esophagus and the stomach, belching often becomes the leading symptom. Gastrointestinal surgery or diaphragmatic hernia may be a prime example of such a condition.

How to treat a burp

If you turned to a doctor with a question about how to treat a burp, be ready for a comprehensive treatment, as burping itself is just a symptom.

Most likely, the doctor will tell you to follow a certain diet: to give up foods that linger for a long time in the stomach (legumes), as well as carbonated drinks.Also, you will need to eat fractional: often in small portions.

You will need to cure your underlying disease, which causes a belching.

Belching prevention

In order to prevent belching, try to slowly chew food thoroughly. Exercise will not be superfluous, let even a light warm-up in the morning.

Try not to use chewing gum and carbonated drinks, as well as refrain from products with a high content of air (for example, whipped cocktails).

If you feel you need a burp, call it. How to cause belching? Simple enough: after a meal, take a short walk or try to be upright. If belching should be, within 10-15 minutes it will occur.