How to get rid of stretch marks on the abdomen after childbirth

Unfortunately, completely get rid ofstretch marksimpossible, but fresh it is possible to make it almost imperceptible. Fresh stretches have a reddish or purple color. It is at this stage that it is still possible and necessary to fight for the beauty of your own skin, since at that moment important metabolic processes are still taking place in the tears. That is why it is easier to prevent stretching of the skin than trying to get rid of them later. For prevention, you need to maintain the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, try to maintain your normal weight, do not gain too much during pregnancy, and also swim more often.
There are many techniques that allow you to get rid ofstretch marksformed onstomachafterchildbirth. Treatmentstretch markstakes at least 2 months. Already during pregnancy, and thenafterchildbirth should pay special attention to your diet.Eat boiled fish, fruits and vegetables.
Take a solution of retinol - vitamin A. It is good because it promotes the development of new elastin and collagen, as well as strengthening the connective tissue. Drink enough water or any other liquid. After all, the loss of moisture can affect the elasticity of your skin.
Every day, damaged skin needs to be moisturized. For this, special creams are well suited, eliminatingstretch marks, which contain natural ingredients - algae, vitamins A and E, olive, cocoa or jojoba oils. Apply this creamafterbaths. You can alternate it with warm olive oil.
Make a wrap with chamomile: take 200 g of flowers and fill with boiled glass of milk. Saturate the fabric with the resulting mixture, and then wrap the damaged skin. After that, cover yourself with a veil. After 10 or 15 minutes, rinse with contrasting water and apply a cream ofstretch marks.