How to get to Bali?

Irina Gromyak
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How to get to Bali?

Today in the world of tourist business an interesting trend emerges: in order to save their capital, many Russian tourists plan their own holidays on their own. They refuse the services that travel companies offer for them. And this is normal, because with the development of the Internet, we have the opportunity to book tickets ourselves and book accommodation anywhere in the world. We can, given our capabilities, choose a country where it will be convenient to rest.

Packing Suitcases

If you have chosen an island in Indonesia for your holiday, then you need to think about how to get to Bali.

  • The Transaero company offers the most convenient flight. The route followed by the plane Moscow - Denpasar - Moscow. In twelve hours of non-stop flight you will find yourself on the island. In the same way you can go back.
  • Singapore Airlines boasts its quality of service and comfort. Worldwide, the service of this company is a success. The route Moscow - Singapore - Denpasar - Singapore.It will cost you $ 1,500. During their stay in Singapore, tourists will be able to swim in the pool, which is located at the airport.
  • Thai Airways company. The route Moscow - Bangkok - Denpasar - Bangkok - Moscow. These flights operate on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

And if cheaper

If you want to travel to Bali in the cheapest way, then we will advise you to fly a charter flight to Bangkok. It will cost you $ 500. Then you can use the services of a budget company. The flight to Denpasar will cost $ 300.

After reading our tips, you can see that the flight to Bali is not problematic. It depends on the thickness of your wallet and on what time of year you are going to get there. If you decide to spend your vacation during the holidays or on holidays, then note that at this time the price of flights may rise significantly. Consider the factor that the time difference on the island and in Moscow is five hours in winter, and four in the summer. Bali is ahead of Moscow in time.