How to get to Rostov?

Olga Koval
Olga Koval
October 28, 2014
How to get to Rostov?

Veliky Rostov is one of the regional centers of the Yaroslavl region, the city is located 55 kilometers from Yaroslavl and 190 km from Moscow. The location of the city allows you to conveniently get a different transport.

How to get to Rostov by train

Trains from Yaroslavsky Station go from Moscow to Velikiy Rostov. You can take one of the long-distance trains that stop in Veliky Rostov, for example, Moscow-Vorkuta or Moscow-Syktyvkar. If you took a train that does not stop in Rostov, you can get off in Yaroslavl and from there get by bus or train, or make a transfer in Aleksandrov. The journey takes about three hours.

Practically all trains of the Moscow direction go from St. Petersburg through Rostov Veliky. The journey takes about three and a half hours.

Also in Rostov can be reached by train. There are no direct trains from Moscow, but you can make a transfer at Alexandrov-1 station. The journey takes about five hours.

How to get to Rostov Veliky by bus

From Moscow to Rostov Veliky on the intercity bus can be reached in two ways:

  1. Take the bus to the northeast direction at the Schelkovo bus station. The route runs along the M8 highway, the journey takes about four hours.
  2. Take the bus to Yaroslavl on the Square of Three stations, which is located at the metro station Komsomolskaya. Next, transfer to a bus or a minibus to Rostov Veliky. It is worth noting that they often drive - every half hour. The total trip time will be five and a half hours.

To Rostov the Great by car

Today, the car for many has already become a favorite way to travel, it is not surprising that many get to Rostov the Great on their own transport.

To Rostov the Great from Moscow is the easiest way to get on the M8 “Kholmogory” highway from the Moscow Ring Road. The distance is about 190 kilometers.

To get from St. Petersburg to Velikiy Rostov, you need to travel a total of 800 kilometers. To do this, go to Vyshny Volochka along the E105 highway, then turn onto the P85 road. Travel time can only be calculated individually, but you need to tune in for a twelve-hour trip.

How to get to Rostov Velikiy by plane

From remote regions, the fastest way to get to Rostov is through air transport. But since there is no own airport in the city, you will still have to travel with transfers. The nearest airport is in Yaroslavl, it is 54 kilometers from the city. Then you are transplanted to one of the convenient means of transport described above.

Similarly, you can get to Rostov Veliky, getting off the plane in Moscow or St. Petersburg. From these cities you can also get to Rostov by plane.