How to give hair volume

How to give hair volumeSo you want to always and everywhere have an amazing appearance. So that everyone admired, turned around and, of course, languidly sighed. One of the prerequisites for stunning appearance is magnificent hair. It should be fashionable haircut or stylish styling. Certainly in accordance with the latest fashion trends. And fashion today dictates the following rules: naturalness and naturalness. That is, looking at the hair, there should not be any cosmetic products. As if the hair was itself so perfect.

Beauty hair, no doubt, will give volume. But how to give hair volume so that it looks natural - let's try to figure it out.

There are several methods of giving volume to hair. They are good and one by one, but it is better to use them in a complex. Then the hairstyle will definitely be irresistible.

Thin hair will help to give the volume of haircuts and styling with a secret. Volume haircut gets thanks to the gradation. The lower strands of hair, as it were, raise the upper ones, from which the hairstyle appears to be casual and elegant.To add volume to long hair, you can use special styling, for example, bouffant. The secret to combing, as well as haircuts, is that the lower strands, combed at the roots, hook the upper ones. The upper ones fall, rising. Due to this hairstyle gains lightness and lightness.

Volume hair care products

There are special series of shampoos, balms and conditioners that are designed to provide women with beautiful curvaceous curls. Usually on the labels of such shampoos for volume, the word “volume” is written. It is worth remembering that you need to wash your hair with cool water. And conditioners and balms in no case should not be applied to the hair roots. So, if the hair is greasy, they will need to be washed more often. Conditioners for hair are applied to the middle of the curl and lead to the tips. The structure of the hairs is such that it is useful for them to absorb the conditioner at the tips, but at the roots it is better to do with shampoo.

There is also a mass of homemade recipes that will help preserve and increase the volume of hair. These funds will facilitate heavy hair, give the heavy hair the right amount. Nettle is a good remedy. Her broth to rinse hair after washing.Rinse the decoction of nettle from the hair is not necessary.

Also in the fight for the volume of long and short hair hair masks help. They can be purchased and home. However, it is worth remembering that the mask for hair can be used not more than once a week, otherwise the effect may turn out the opposite. The mask well feeds roots and hair at roots, does hair magnificent, sating them with useful substances.

Haircuts and styling for giving hair volume

To give volume to short hair, use torn haircuts. They visually increase the hairstyle and make it airy. Remarkable are the experiments with bangs. Asymmetric shape with good profiling hair style will also look airy and easy. Also at the next peak of popularity is now bob bob haircut - with her hair seem more voluminous, thanks to a special form.

To give volume to long hair, you need to make a haircut - a cascade. This haircut allows the curls to look natural and harmonious, at the same time creates some airiness and lightness to her hair.

If you urgently need to bring your head in a stunning view, you should use the “finger” styling.To do this, use a special nozzle on the hair dryer, which is called the "diffuser". Special mousses and foams keep their shape very well. Making massage movements at the roots, and at the same time drying the hair, the fingers of the nozzle create the desired volume.

Another good method is curlers. The benefit now there are a great many, do not require heating, they are great help to make your hair volume.

It is better to dry your hair by tilting your head, using a hairdryer at the roots. It is great if you can change the air temperature when drying and styling with a hairdryer. So hair will be sated with oxygen, will not be overdried and will find a beautiful magnificent appearance.

Hair Products

Hair health depends not only on care products. Hair, as well as the whole body, requires nourishing with vitamins. It is interesting to know that in order for the hair to be healthy, you need to eat such foods as meat, boiled eggs, milk, cheese curd. Brewer's yeast, nuts and fish oil should also be added to your diet in low concentrations. Enriching your menu with such products will benefit not only your hair, but also the entire body.