How to give money for a wedding?

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How to give money for a wedding?

Wedding day is a very important celebration, the birth of a new family. On this day, expensive gifts are presented to the bride and groom. Of course, most often on the wedding day they give money. How much money to give to the wedding, you decide for yourself. Or you can read in the article How much money to give to the wedding. But how to give money for a wedding, we will tell you.

Interesting design options

So, how beautiful to give money for a wedding?


Delicate wedding handbag can be filled with money. Bills should be rolled up into thin rolls and tied with a white ribbon. To this gift you can add the necessary things for the bride: powder, a mirror.


Money vase - a great option for registration of a cash gift. The vase should be transparent, for example, crystal. It is necessary to impose internal walls of a vase with bills, and to fix with a foil. Foil should not be visible. And then it is necessary to fill the vase with candy, so the notes will be fixed even better. The gift will be sweet and cash.

Photo frame

It will take a large frame. Money bills should be laid in a beautiful pattern or in the shape of a flower. And in order to fix the money, you need to put a cardboard under them.


First you need to sew a beautiful small decorative pillow, and then fill it with money. On the pillow, you can embroider a beautiful inscription-wish. You can decorate with beads and lace.

Money Tree

You must buy a potted plant, preferably with strong sprigs. And then you need to attach banknotes to the branches. Get a money tree.


You can exchange money for coins or small bills and put them in a bag. Get a whole bag of money. The bag must be decorated with ribbons, lace, beads or embroider a beautiful greeting.

Valuable Box

It is necessary to arrange a box beautifully, and then fill it with bundles of money. Be sure to write a note - for what each pack is designed.

How else to present money, read the article How beautiful to donate money.

How unusual to give money for a wedding


It will be very original if you donate money with a brick. To the usual brick it is necessary to wind money with a beautiful ribbon.And you can give such a gift "for the construction of your house."


It is necessary to bind banknotes to an ordinary umbrella so that when openingMoneyit rained money from inside the umbrella. That is, hang the bills on long strings to the umbrella spokes.


Small bills must be carefully glued together with tape and roll them into a ball. It is necessary to hand a gift with the words "I give one hundred meters of money." However, the tape should not damage the money when they will be unstuck. Or you can stick together artificial money with scotch tape, and after presenting such a tangle, give real money in an envelope.

Money machine

If you want to donate money for a wedding, make a device with a rotating handle. If you twist the handle, the money goes. Of course, bills there must be put in advance. This machine will surely surprise the newlyweds.


Money bills can be put in balloons, pour chocolates there. Then the balls must be inflated and presented to the young. Newlyweds should burst the balls and find the money.Money

Bank of cucumbers

It should take a three-liter jar. Bills should be rolled up and put in a jar. And present a jar of cucumbers to the newlyweds.

Money blanket

It is necessary to make a blanket of two large polyethylene films. They need to sew to each other so that turned out pockets. In these pockets need to put money.

You have learned how interesting it is to donate money for a wedding. Now choose your favorite option and get ready for the celebration.