How to guess on the tarot cards?

Not everyone is given to guessing on maps, you need a well-developed intuition and something else that nobody knows. But it’s so interesting to know what will happen, or at least what happened! And you can get together with friends and guess. In the end, you can after all think of what will happen. What if it comes true! And maybe it will, because someone knows how to do it! Let's go and we will try.

To learn to guess on the Tarot cards, you need to get such cards to start. You can buy them in the departments of Feng Shui or in any esoteric department, if there are such in your city. You can buy cards in the bookstore. Also a good sign is to receive a card as a gift. As soon as you have your own deck of TAROT cards and you start guessing, let's not let anyone hold these cards in our hands. From now on they are yours, and only you can touch them (this applies not only to the Tarot cards, but also to other fortune telling cards). Otherwise, the cards may start to be capricious, offended and take revenge on you in any fortune-telling, telling a lie. Cards love one hand - the hands of their master.

How to guess on the cards TARO - decomposed

In fact, the layouts can be invented by yourself, but they are mostly done by experienced fortune-tellers. We will tell you about several traditional layouts of Tarot cards, with the help of which you will be able to know your future. Some advise before fortune telling to go through the entire deck and choose for fortune telling only those cards that currently correspond to your spirit, mood and possible results that you expect from the future. Note that the analysis of possible results is not a desire for a good outcome, but an analysis of possible outcomes, albeit unpleasant for you. They say that from this the accuracy of divination increases. But this rule is optional, you can guess with the help of the entire deck.

Analysis of the situation on 5 maps

How to guess on the Tarot cards in this case? Such an alignment will help choose a way out of a difficult situation. To do this, you need to randomly pull out four cards from the Minor Arcana and arrange them as follows: the first card is placed on the left of the guessing one, the second is opposite the first one to the right of the guessing (there is a small gap between the first and second); The third card is put up, the fourth - down. Finally, place the card in the middle.Thus, you should have a card cross. Watch how you draw the cards - if the card fell out not directly, but turned upside down, then it should be so. Put it in the layout in this way.

What do these cards mean? Map 1 is your capabilities and resources that you have to solve this problem, it will indicate your chances for a favorable outcome for you. Map 2 symbolizes the obstacles, difficulties and problems that you will encounter when solving a problem. Map 3 indicates the reason why you make this or that decision. Map 4 shows the most successful way out. Map 5 will summarize divination.

Relationships between people

How to guess on the TARO cards in this scenario? For a complete analysis of the relationship you will need 7 cards. This fortune telling allows you to understand the essence of your relationship with another person. First you need to formulate a question that interests you, for example: “What is my relationship with (name of a person) now?”. Then start laying out the cards. First choose from the Major Arcana, the other six - from the Minor Arcana.

We make the alignment in the following order: In the center we place the first card; then to the right of the first card from top to bottom in the column lay out the second,third and fourth cards; Then to the left of the first card we lay out the bottom, fifth, sixth and seventh cards.

The left row of cards will tell about your attitude towards a person, the right one about his attitude towards you. The central first card characterizes your relationship at the moment.

What does each card mean? Maps 2 and 7 speak about the conscious feelings and thoughts of people towards each other. Cards 3 and 6 symbolize feelings and emotions, both explicit and hidden. Cards 4 and 5 indicate the external manifestation of the relationship, say that each of you wants to show the other. And card 1, as we have said, characterizes the relationship as a whole.

Attitude towards a person on 3 maps

This alignment is simpler than the previous one, it will show what a particular person feels towards you. For fortune telling, randomly remove three cards from the Minor Arcana and place them in front of you in a column from top to bottom. Cards will have the following meanings: map 1 - the impression you make on a person, his conscious perception of you; Map 2 - shows how a person feels towards you; card 3 - reveals a person's subconscious attitude, perception and desires towards you. It is possible that the man himself does not know about them yet.

We have a little told you how to guess on the Tarot cards. All the layouts that were considered are related to the lungs. In fact, the possibilities of Tarot cards are much more. They can reveal your personality to you, advise something specific for you personally, give a long-term forecast for your future. On the Internet, you will be able to find many variants of divinations on Tarot cards, including complex ones. Remember also that using the cards of the Junior Arcana, you get a short-term, not a long-term forecast.