How to hang the door?

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How to hang the door?

Anyone will face the problem of hanging the door sooner or later. In most cases, professionals are hired to do this job. However, if the landlord knows how to properly hang the doors on his own, he can save from 1,500 to 3,000 rubles only at this stage of the repair.

Required materials and tools

The work will require the actual door, consisting of a door leaf and a box, two door hinges, screws, a screwdriver (screwdriver), a drill, a chisel and a hammer. For cutting recesses under the loop is convenient to use a hand mill.

Loop location

Before you hang the door, it is necessary to determine which side of the door leaf (right or left) to fix the hinges. Please note that the door must always open to the inside of the room. The location of the hinges depends on which side of the door a switch is located inside the room. After the person enters the doorway, the switch should be within the reach of his hand, but not outside the door.Accordingly, if the switch is located to the right of the door, the hinges should be located on the left side of the canvas (and vice versa).

Fastening hinges to the door leaf

Hinges are mounted to the end of the door at a distance of 20 cm from its upper and lower edges. The distance is measured using a ruler, marks are made with a knife, an awl or a pencil. Then, on the mark made, hinges are applied to the door (with an axial rod in the direction of opening the door) and their outline is outlined. The edge of the hinge on the side of the rod and the edge of the door must completely coincide with each other. The loop contour is outlined with an awl or knife.

The next step is to make the grooves under the loop along the outline of the outline. The operation can be carried out with a manual milling machine (which is neater and faster) or with a chisel and mallet. The depth of the notch should be strictly equal to the thickness of the loops. After this stage is completed, the loops are placed in the recesses with some effort. The surface of the hinges and the end of the door are one plane. The hinge pivot pin fits tightly against the side cut of the door and runs parallel to it. Only if these rules are followed, there will be no gaps between the door and the box. The door will open easily and without distortions.

Hinges are screwed to the door with screws.To prevent the wood from splitting and cracking, the holes for the screws are pre-drilled by the drill. The diameter of the drill should be less than the diameter of the screws. To fasten the screws use a screwdriver or a conventional screwdriver.

Mounting hinges to the box

The next stage is the transfer of loop sizes to the box. To do this, it is necessary to closely attach the door leaf with the fastened hinges to the side stand of the box and transfer the dimensions of the loops to the stand using a pencil or awl. For the non-professional, this operation is more convenient to perform before mounting the box in the doorway. Otherwise, attach the door to the box and correctly transfer the dimensions will be obtained only with the help of a partner. If the box has not yet been installed and is disassembled, it is easy to work with only one side stand.

Next, we re-perform the operation of delineating the loop contour, making the recess and the mounting holes for the screws, but already on the side stand of the box.

Hanging doors

Before you hang the door on the hinges, you must first install the door frame in the opening. This procedure is described in detail in the articles - How to install the door and How to properly install the interior doors.After installing the box in the opening, the door is hinged into the prepared recesses and screwed with screws using a screwdriver.

If the door creaks when opened, the hinge must be lubricated with engine oil.