How to help children?

Today, there are a lot of children around the world who need help: these are orphans, sick children, as well as children from poor families. Each of us can contribute to their development and upbringing. How to help children, where to start?

For a start, you can contact the charity fund, where you will be given the necessary information, they will tell you how to provide assistance and in what public institutions it is needed, whether it be an orphanage or a medical institution. Practically in every city there are various kinds of funds: some are aimed at raising funds for the treatment of sick children, while others are aimed at helping orphanages. For example, Rusfond collects charitable donations for medical events, and also searches for medical institutions that could make them. In addition to helping sick children, the National Charitable Foundation pays special attention to supporting orphans in children's institutions. Information about charitable foundations can be found in various media.Before assisting a particular child care center, contact its director and discuss all points of interest.

There are different types of help for sick children and orphans.

Material aid

  • You can transfer money to the account of the foundation or to the account of the child you want to help (if it comes to treating the child). You can simply bring money and give it to parents or fundraising volunteers. There is another way to transfer money to a child in need: you can simply send a specific SMS message to the desired number (this method is often used to raise funds for the treatment of the baby).
  • You can find out exactly what the children from a certain orphanage need, buy the necessary things and just bring them.
  • You can not buy, and collect toys and household items (this will help friends, acquaintances, relatives, you can simply organize a campaign to raise funds for children).

Health care

  • Become a blood donor and you will be able to save someone’s life.
  • Bring the necessary medicines to medical institutions, but first ask your manager what kind of medicines are needed and to what extent.

Social help

  • Many children find it difficult to find a common language with their peers.Try to communicate with them on various topics as much as possible or choose a guest mode for orphans (children stay with you on weekends as well as on holidays).
  • You can also organize a trip for the children to the circus, to the zoo, to the ostrich farm, to the dolphinarium or to arrange a theatrical performance. If you are a photographer, arrange a photoshoot for children with reincarnation, and this will give them a lot of pleasure.
  • If you are a very good specialist in any field, arrange master classes for children. If you are a hairdresser, offer girls to try themselves in this role, for example, teach them to weave original braids or do a variety of styling. If you are well versed in chemistry, invent a few tricks with chemical reagents. Also with the consent of the director, it is possible to create a circle and conduct classes on the territory of the orphanage on an ongoing basis, thereby developing children.
  • Think about the options for adoption, guardianship, guardianship and the creation of family-type orphanages. At the same time, orphans will live with you and you will be able to help them every minute.
  • It is not necessary to help the whole public institution.Help one or more children based on your resources. And for this, visit them, take them on weekends and holidays, congratulate them on their birthday, etc.
  • If you do not have the opportunity to constantly visit the orphanage, arrange correspondence with the children and send them letters, postcards or just interesting pictures.

Additional types of assistance

  • Become a volunteer. Join the volunteer team and help the children who need the most help. It should be remembered that volunteer work is carried out on a voluntary basis, that is, free of charge.
  • Informational help: place information about sick children, as well as about orphanages that need help, on your resources (in newspapers and magazines, on websites, on pages in social services, you can also print ads and place them on information boards or order an ad on radio or television); Tell your friends and family about how you help children, maybe they will have the opportunity to join you.

Whatever way you choose, remember that helping sick children and orphans is a noble cause, and in any case you will bring joy to the children. Help others, and then this help will return to you in double size.