How to hide a number on the MTS?

Larisa Isaeva
Larisa Isaeva
January 17, 2013
How to hide a number on the MTS?

Repeatedly, MTS users have to face a situation when they get bored with incomprehensible calls without a specific number, or there is a need to hide their number when making a call. Solving the question of how to hide a number on the MTS is very simple. Moreover, there are several correct ways to do this:

  1. The easiest and free way is to change the settings in your phone. For example, on Nokia phones this is done like this: Settings - Call settings - Transfer your own number - Disable.
  2. The next way is to hide the number by connecting the option “Caller ID” (ANTI-DEFINITOR OF THE NUMBER). You can connect it in several ways:
    • to dial from your phone number * 111 * 46 #, SMS should receive a notification about successful connection.
    • dial the Mobile Assistant number (+7 985 220 0022) and activate the caller ID option, follow the instructions, or alternatively dial 111, send a call, and follow the instructions of the electronic assistant, activate the service.
    • For those who are accustomed to managing services via the Internet, it will be more convenient to log into your personal account on the MTS official website. The password to enter the account is issued by the system during registration and the availability of MTS numbers.

So, dear MTS subscribers, how to make the number hidden hidden. Now consider the negative side and learn how to declassify the hidden number. Minus - not all services are connected for free. Some imply a monthly fee, which should be clarified with telecom operators or in MTS salons. The second, relative minus - every mystery has its own solution. Simply put, you can find out the secret number if you wish.

The next step is to decide how to find out the hidden number on the MTS. Every virus has its own antivirus, as in this case. Consider the options:

  1. Call MTS call center at 0890 and clarify your problem.
  2. Enter the site - Help and service - Account details - Link through the "Internet Assistant". The detail report shows the received and sent calls and SMS, but if the calls from the secret number were not accepted and lasted less than 3 seconds, then the call and the number will not be reflected in the detail.
  3. Contact the official office of the company MTS and carry documents (passport).
  4. Call the salon of cellular communication, there for a certain amount of money you will make a printout of calls for a specific period of time.