How to hide pipes in the kitchen?

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How to hide pipes in the kitchen?

Open pipes in the kitchen, of course, do not add attractiveness to the room. And if you consider that the kitchen for most of us is a place where we spend a lot of time, it is very important to make it as beautiful and cozy as possible, for which we will need to hide or, if possible, decorate the pipes in the kitchen. So, let's find out how to hide the pipes in the kitchen - and we will talk about both plumbing and gas pipes.

How to hide the pipes in the kitchen

Let's start with the simplest - water and sewer pipes. And the first thing that comes to mind is to hide the pipes in a special cabinet under the sink, but there is a more elegant solution to this problem. You can use a special device - a sleeve that is put on the water and / or sewer pipe, after which the pipes take on a completely different look. In addition, as an option, you can offer to wrap the pipes with plastic film.

But still, experts in the field of design recommend that even such solutions be hidden under the sink using a box. But what should not be done in any case is to embed the plumbing and sewer pipes into the wall. Of course, you can completely hide them from your eyes, but then you will need to drill them for repair or replacement, which is not only inconvenient, but also not very good in terms of cleaning. And now how to hide the gas pipe in the kitchen - here we will present several options at once.

How to close the gas pipes in the kitchen

  • A box of plasterboard. For this, a frame is first made of several profiles, the elements of which are then screwed onto sheets of plasterboard with screws - it turns out beautifully and inexpensively, because plasterboard can be decorated to your taste. By the way, if there is visible space between the box and the wall, it is quite possible to fill it with foam, which, after drying, needs to be cut off and also can be decorated.Pipes
  • Wall cabinet and shelves. The cabinet is suitable for closing vertical pipes, and the shelves, respectively, horizontal.The only difficulty here is to choose a cabinet in size, and I think it will not be difficult to make holes in the inlet and outlet of the gas pipe.
  • Rails. These fixtures should be used where there are too many pipes and they can interfere with the placement of large amounts of kitchen furniture. Roof rails are various accessories (hooks, shelves, dryers, and other hanging items) that allow you to place almost all kitchen utensils in an open space. Of course, in this embodiment, the pipes will have to be decorated or, in extreme cases, cleaned and coated with special paint, but the kitchen will look very impressive.

We decorate pipes

So we got to the last method of masking water, sewer and gas pipes in the kitchen. What is a decoration? In part, we have already answered this question: the pipes can be wrapped with decorative film, they can also be painted, but not only. For example, almost any pipe, especially a gas one, can be trimmed with a special decorativePipesmosaics. Some use such solutions only in caseswhen there is no possibility to hide the pipes in a different way, and it is absolutely in vain: a beautifully decorated pipe looks no worse than expensive furniture.

Another option for decorating pipes - painting. Fancy patterns and drawings, geometric patterns - everything will be fine if combined with the overall design of the kitchen. Some even draw up vertical pipes in the form of the trunk of a tree or use decoupage technique (you will need napkins with a pattern, special glue and varnish to cover the finished composition) - and it looks like, I must say, very original.

Agree - there are a lot of interesting decoration options, and the choice is yours.