How to hide the number: Megaphone?

Larisa Isaeva
Larisa Isaeva
January 17, 2013
How to hide the number: Megaphone?

So, if you are puzzled over the problem of how to hide the number of a megaphone, then we go to help you! There are several options, but the main difference is that the free version is the simplest.


  1. Let's start with the simplest and free - change call settings, do it: Settings - Call settings - Transfer your number - Disable.
  2. In the second place is also a proven and free method - dial the number of the subscriber to whom we are going to call, and put the following combination in front of the number: # 31 # 79 *********
  3. The next way is to connect the option “AON” (ANTI-DEFINITION OF THE NUMBER), the subscription fee for which is 5 rubles per day, and the connection will be charged 10 rubles. Consider options for connecting this option itself:
  • Dial the number * 105 * 3 * 2 * 3 * 1 * 1 # and call, or another number: * 105 * 501 #.
  • contact the Megafon contact center with this question at 0500.
  • Log in to your personal account on the official Megafon website () (the address may vary depending on the region).Personal account allows you to manage services and room options.

Well! How to hide the number on the megaphone, we found out. All firms or companies that operate in the service sector have a policy of "Create a problem and offer a solution to this problem" - a kind of economic move. Megafon company is no exception - how to find out the hidden number it offers you, again, for some subscription fee again:

  1. order the detail of calls received on your phone number, the detail comes in the mail, nothing else. Ordered by calling the number 0500 and following the instructions of the robot. If calls from a hidden number were not accepted by you (remained unanswered or dropped), then this call will not be displayed in details. To find out the number from which they called you, pick up the phone, take the call.
  2. The second method of ordering the details is to go to your personal account on the company's official website, from where you can manage this option.
  3. visit the company office and ask to solve your problem (you may need a passport).
  4. go to any mobile phone shop where you will be made a printout of calls for a certain period of time.