How to improve relationships

There is one condition: the relationship can be returned only if the feelings still remain, and there is an inalienable desire to save the family.
Screaming and calling names in response, continuing to express their discontent will only exacerbate the conflict situation. You can threaten with care and leave, only this decision should be deliberate, because if you say, but do not leave, the husband will no longer take your words seriously. Alternatively, you can cry, complain about life in the hope that your husband will comfort you. Of course, it will, but it will not solve the problems.
First of all, you need to find out how this whole conflict began, what exactly does not suit you in your partner, perhaps you need to change something in yourself, because it’s not only the husband who is to blame for everything.
You can build relationships with love and respect on your part, be above these insults, do not succumb to provocations, make your spouse think, does he do everything right? Let him be ashamed of the fact that he does not appreciate and offend such a caring and loving wife.Charge your home with positive energy, because from the constant accumulation of negative, no one would be better.
Show respect for your partner, take everything calmly. If you have been together for a long time, it is clear that you have accumulated a lot of mutual complaints, grievances and disappointments. Therefore, you need to create an atmosphere in which it will be convenient for both of you. Understanding the relationship, if you see more positive, then set up your spouse as well. Then each of you will be able to realize your mistakes, without making any more of this problem.
You can try to share positive emotions and good relationships with your husband. Discuss points that you do not like, and what you would like to receive from your spouse. Remember the past, when everything was like a fairy tale, when there were no problems yet.
Spend free time to each other. Do not be afraid to give, because in return you will get what you want.