How to install a video player?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
April 12, 2013
How to install a video player?

To watch the video both on the computer and on the phone you need to install the player. That's just how to choose and how to install a video player that could support all recording formats? After all, there are many of them, but the intelligent player still needs to be found. You can consider several options for the video player that will fit on a computer and on the phone, namely on phones with Android.

Video Player for Android

To know how to install a video player on Android, you need to find a suitable online. A good player is MX Video Player, as well as VPlayer Video Player. You can download them from these links:

Both players are good at work and easy to install.

The site has players for different models. Also there are codecs that need to be downloaded in order to install the player. Look for your phone model listed, click "Download." When the message “Download complete” appears on the screen, we go directly into “Downloads”.Click on the downloaded file, then "Install Codecs", then "Install Player". Click "ok". Now you can try to play the video.

Video player for computer

Before you install, you need to ask which video player to install. There are a large number of them, but the most advanced are VLC player, Gom Player and KM Player. They reproduce records quickly, clearly, without delays, read almost any format.

In order to download one of the players, you need to find a website, preferably an official one. On such resources you can download any player for free. You just need to click on the button "Download for free", confirm the download. It is also proposed to download updates for these players. For example, for Gom Player there is a link.

To download and install the VLC video player, you just need to follow the link, then select the player that suits you, and click "Download for free." Additional installations are not required, it already contains all the modules.

When the player is downloaded, you can go to any folder on your computer, install it there by simply pressing the “Install” button in the player window.For the KM player, you can go to the link. To install the player on your computer, you need to go to the "Installation", click "Install". After these procedures, the player will automatically be installed.

These are the main points regarding the installation of a video player, which may be useful to you.