How to install an automatic gate

You will need
  • - level;
  • - tape measure;
  • - anchors;
  • - gate with guides;
  • - perforator.
Before starting installation, make sure that no hillocks and small stones will prevent the movement of automatic gates. In addition, there should be plenty of room so that you can freely open.goal. The doors of automatic gates are moving to the left and to the right by a distance equal to the width of the opening, therefore there should be plenty of space for sliding gates.
After you have determined the installation location of the automatic gate, unpack the delivered to the objectgoaland believe the integrity of all components.
Assemble the frame by installing it in the opening provided for this in the wall. Adjust frame position. Remember that even the slightest bias is unacceptable: unevenness can lead to breakage and jamming of the mechanism (sectional automatic ones are particularly demanding in this regard).goal). In view of this, during installation of the structure, set the frame horizontally.Attach the frame to the wall with anchors (along the entire perimeter).
Install the leaf of the automatic lifting gate or assemble together the individual elements of the sectional gate (begin to assemble from the lower section). Connect the door leaf with guides and hinges. Of course, if the plane of the automatic gate is already installed in the frame, this will significantly reduce the time to install the structure.
At the end of the installation, adjust the springs: the web should be lifted effortlessly. Then mount the fittings and mechanisms (handles, lock and other important details).