How to install Android Market?

Many users often think about how to install the android market? or - how to install the android market? That's because many devices are sold without a market installed. In the overwhelming majority of cases, these are Chinese products, on which this operating system turned out to be incomprehensible from where.

Download and install

We can say that the best version of the program android market, install on a tablet which will be the easiest way, it is a freely available .apk file. All you need to do is download the .apk file and install it. The main thing is that the gadget should support Google services. If these options are not supported, then you will need to install them. They are installed when flashing the phone or when installing packages from recovery.

Installation Instructions:

  1. First we copy the .apk file to the flash card of the smartphone, and open it with one of the programs with the application installation function (file managers are a prime example: ASTRO, EStrongs and others). Find with the help of software copied .apk file and run it.
  2. To install an Android market on your phone, you can also use a special installer, such as AppInstaller. The advantage of this method is an automatic fast search for all .apk files on a flash drive and is fairly easy to install.
  3. If you don’t like different file managers (sometimes it happens), or you don’t have such programs, then your browser will help to install .apk. To do this, remember the name of the .apk file, and in the browser type the following command: content: // name.apk or file: ///sdcard/File name.apk (the command selection depends on the model of your device) .
  4. If your gadget is equipped with a terminal, you can use it for installation. To do this, open the console in the terminal and in it enter: adb install / Filename.apk.

There is another way to install the Android market: installing the application on a smartphone-android from a desktop computer - using the InstallAPK utility. You need to install this program on your computer, connect a smartphone to it via a USB cable, and double-click on the required .apk file on your computer. After this procedure, the installation of the program on the gadget is activated.

Android Market Features

After installation, it will be possible to decide how to install the application android market and all applications that are in it.The Android Market is a large application store from Google, enabling owners of Android-powered gadgets to buy, download and install various applications and programs. In order to install the application on android, we find it using the market and click the "install" button. Further installation of the installer will perform itself.

The advantages of this feature are the convenience, the ability to track all the latest updates. The minus of the method is the traffic that is heavily consumed when downloading various programs. Therefore, install applications only with an active WiFi connection, or with unlimited (unlimited) GPRS traffic. In general, this is a great way to install applications.