How to install the navigator on the phone?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
April 2, 2013
How to install the navigator on the phone?

Nowadays, many car drivers began to use GPS-navigators in order to find the desired area, the street in large or unfamiliar cities, as well as to quickly get to the right place. But not everyone has the extra money to purchase such devices. You can solve the above problem with a mobile phone. To do this, you need to install a navigator on it. But at the same time many different nuances arise, which will be discussed below.

Check for applications on your phone

Before you install the navigator on your phone, you need to make sure that your communication device has GPS navigation. To do this, go to the phone menu and manually search for this function. In many modern phones, this feature is in the form of an icon on the desktop of the phone. You can also search for this feature among the characteristics of the brand of your phone found on the Internet.

If it turns out that your phone does not support this function, then you need to buy a specially provided receiver. But then you need Bluetooth and Java. Without the first function, the phone will not be able to find this receiver, and without the second, the program responsible for the operation of the receiver itself will not work. Therefore, install the navigator on the phone for free will not work.

Checking the presence of the Internet in the phone

It is necessary to check the presence of the Internet connection, preferably unlimited. If your phone is not connected to the Internet at all, then you need to find out whether your operator provides the ability to connect to the Internet. Usually on the operator’s website you can find out about this, as well as how to activate this service, how to create a new connection in the phone with the user name, password, access point, proxy address, etc.

In addition, many modern smartphones quietly pick up the WiFi network signal, and in many public places this signal is received on the phone freely, without the need to enter an access password. At this stage, the installation of the navigator on the phone does not end.

Installing cards on the phone

The last step is to download the appropriate maps from the resource “Yandex. Cards". To do this, type the address in the browser. In the window that opens, choose the brand of the phone and its platform and download the desired application. Also, the corresponding application can be downloaded using a computer, and for this you need to type in the browser.