How to instill cleanliness kitten

When a small kitten appears in the house, it seems that for some time the whole life of each household revolves only around him. And this can hardly be called wrong, because people should help the baby get comfortable in a new home. Right now, when the kitten is still very small, you can start laying habits in it that will make it your trouble-free companion for many years, and one of the main habits is cleanliness.

How to teach a kitten to the tray?

Keep in mind that you will need a great deal of patience if you take a kitten into the house who is not accustomed to the toilet. Typically, the habit of doing their own business in the tray at their kittens is developed by the mother cat, but if you got a kid who is not accustomed to the toilet, then you will have to do it yourself. Buy a small pet shop specially designed for kittens, a shallow tray and a filler for it and install it at home in an accessible place for your baby. Wash and dry it regularly and change the layer of filler.
Usually the kitten needs to go to the toilet after sleeping or after eating. Most often, before making a pile or puddle, the child instinctively begins to scrape the claws of the foot on the floor as if it is trying to dig a hole. At this point, you can pick up the kitten under the tummy and put him in the tray, and when he does his business, praise and stroke the baby. After some time, the reflex will be fixed in the animal, that it is necessary to use the tray for certain purposes, and it will learn to accurately find the way to it.
If in the process of training to the tray the kitten still makes a mistake and goes to the toilet in the wrong place, then you should not only thoroughly clean the floor, but also treat this place with a special spray purchased at the pet store. The fact is that there is an associative row in cats: where it smells like a toilet, there is a toilet, so you need to destroy all reminders about the sin of a baby.

How to make a kitten neat?

If you consider it unacceptable for a pet to sleep in your bed, then stop such attempts from the very first day of his stay in your home. Once succumbing to pity for the baby, who was taken away from his mother, and allowing him to sit in your bed, be prepared for the fact that it will be difficult to wean him from it, if at all possible.Therefore, it is better to immediately equip a kitten for sleeping a cozy basket or a box with soft bedding at the bottom.
Otherwise, usually with the training of a new member of your family to cleanliness problems do not arise. But keep in mind that when a kitten is very small, he may not have enough strength to clean up on his own if he gets dirty. In this case, help the baby and then dry it with a soft towel.