How to keep a personal diary?

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How to keep a personal diary?

In childhood or adolescence, many people already kept a personal diary in which completely different information was recorded, photos were pasted in or pictures were drawn. Many continue to keep a diary so far. If only now you have decided to write down your thoughts and ideas on paper, then you need to know how to keep a personal diary.

Such a diary for many of us becomes a very important part of life, because in a diary, hidden from prying eyes, you can express any thought, draw eccentric drawings that are understandable only to you. But keeping a diary implies another important quality — an analysis of one’s behavior and the actions of others. Usually, many people prefer to have a classic diary in the form of a notebook or a notebook, but progress does not stand still and many people prefer to keep online diaries or closed blogs.

Electronic diary

Before you begin to keep a personal diary, you need to decide on its appearance. Electronic diaries or diaries online is the most popular option.There are sites for personal non-published diaries. This is Evernote, Day One or already popular Livejournal. Here you can keep your diary with private access, using the site or application instead of the usual notebook. Electronic personal diary has several advantages over the usual notebook diary:

  • Now on such sites there are already such opportunities as specifying tags - keywords for each of your diary entries, which will allow you to search for entries by phrases.
  • You can export the notebook diary version to the site. This is not a complete list of how to keep a personal diary. Photos on such sites and applications can also be added to the records, illustrating them. This is similar to blogging. But it is worth remembering that the photos should not be too provocative and frank, as it is against the law.
  • Entries can be made in any existing site or application template. This, of course, limits your choice of topics, but allows you not to do it by hand, saving time.
  • The advantage of electronic diaries on websites and applications is that you can properly organize your information.For each of the entries in the diary, you can assign several tags - keywords. Thanks to this, you can easily find any entry using these keywords. For example, if you are thinking about giving your half for the holidays, in a couple of clicks you can find records that you have already given each other. In addition, you can find records of any day from the diary using the appropriate calendar with one click.
  • Entries can be, in general, of any nature, but it should be understood that in the case of a regular notebook, which your elect can read, the electronic diary has a greater password protection. But this does not guarantee complete security of information.
  • If you keep the diary just in electronic form, for example, in Notepad, then it can still be lost. The disk can be damaged, and the information on it can be destroyed. You can also make copies on removable media - a USB flash drive or CDs. But it also does not guarantee the safety of data, since such media, compared with a hard disk, have a shorter service life and a greater risk of damage.
  • When deciding how to properly keep a personal diary, you should still think about specialized sites.By keeping a diary on this site, you can be confident in the safety of information, no matter what happens with your PC. You can also be confident in the confidentiality of your records, since to access your diary account you will need to enter a password that only you will know.

Keeping a paper diary

As a classic diary, you can use a thick notebook or notebook, it is desirable that they were in hardcover, because you will make notes there daily. This will preserve the appearance of the diary, it is also one of the points of how to keep a personal diary. Video and photos, of course, here, as in an electronic diary, you will not add, but you can be sure that the records will not be available to the network.

In the personal diary recorded experiences and thoughts. And many people write blogs for evaluation by others. Therefore, it makes sense to keep a diary for yourself. This has its own characteristics.

  • In order not to be confused in the pages of his diary, it must be properly formatted. It is worth knowing that the design of the diary is not a pen in the margin. This is the logical organization of the place to write.Therefore, it is logical to divide your diary into several sections - for example, “Ideas”, “Tasks”, “Evaluations”, etc.
  • The “Ideas” section is better to devote to your own ideas and thoughts. These are not only ideas for the future that you plan to implement. But also those that will help you achieve your goals. It is worth recording all the thoughts that seem important enough to you, because in this section there are records of what you consider to be the main thing for yourself.
  • In the "Tasks" section you should write down all the tasks and goals that you plan to achieve. It is necessary to set for yourself the tasks that you want to embody in your life or perform at work. This section will give you the opportunity to model your future and clearly understand what you would like to achieve.
  • In the "Evaluation" section you need to evaluate and analyze the situation. If you go back to some records in time, you can see your actions from the side. You can also look at the situation differently. In this section, you can write and their achievements. So you can see how you are moving towards your goal.