How to kill love?

Today we will talk about such a mysterious, mysterious and, at the same time, beautiful and sublime feeling like love. How does she get the better of us? Can I get rid of her? How to do this forever, so as not to remember the time spent together? Life is hard and uneasy, and sometimes we are confronted with a situation that we fall in love with those who do not reciprocate us or with that person with whom for some reason the relationship cannot turn out. Unrequited love is not a pleasant phenomenon, accompanied by depression, mood changes, poor emotional state and other unpleasant things. How to kill love in yourself?

And the first thing we want to say is ask yourself a question. Do you really want to get rid of this feeling? Does it really prevent you from living and being happy? We single out this question because, as many young people love to “suffer” in love, emotional experiences give them pleasure. Most often, such individuals fall in love because they want to fall in love, and not because they really love.Make good sense of yourself, understand who you are and why you single out one or another person. If you do not attribute yourself to lovers of unrequited love, but really want to find peace of mind, which is hindered by strong feelings, our article is for you.


The first thing to start with is to find out the reason why you fell in love with this person. Unconditional love certainly happens, but it happens quite rarely today. Most often we choose the object of our desires, for some reason. They say that we love not a person, but ourselves next to him. In part, this is so, we love the emotional state that we feel when we are with a person. How to kill love if you are experiencing emotions and attached to this person?

If you began to understand why you fell in love with this person, you can begin to act. For example, your reason "he understands me like no other." Perhaps you have experienced something similar in the past that brought you together. Or you have one hobby, or that other people do not accept in you, this person liked. In this case, you need to find understanding in another. If this is some kind of hobby, find a company that loves the same thing as you.Find ways to meet your emotional needs in other people. Do not withdraw into yourself. Extend the circle of your acquaintances, most likely you paid attention to your beloved person, because you didn’t know someone like him before, but they did.


Next, you need to change your thinking. In psychotherapy, there is a theory that the emotions that we experience depend on wrong thinking. Work with unproductive thoughts that you have.

For example, instead of: “I have to love”, say to yourself “I would like to love”, or “It’s just necessary to have a relationship” replace with “It’s good to meet someone, but it’s good to be alone”. Thus, you will fix your thoughts, emotions, which will gradually normalize your mental state. You will not be so depressed.


Our advice on how to kill love will not end with a single theory. The next item that should be highlighted - the change in behavior and external environment. Thoughts are very important to support actions. Listen to the people's council of parting with love - "out of sight, out of mind!"Throw away all the things of your former love, do not look for meetings with him, do not think about him, forget for a while what is associated with this person. Most often it is music or movies. Do not look and do not listen to what will remind you of a happy time and cause tears.

Plus the break in relationships is the appearance of a lot of free time. Use it to the maximum. Work, study, play sports, lead an active lifestyle. Sport, by the way, has a great effect on mental balance, after an hour of training in the gym, the world does not seem so bad, and the mood is much higher.

In conclusion, our article we would like to highlight the following. Whether you have made an irrevocable decision about whether to get rid of addiction or not, you need to understand that there is nothing easier than to kill a love for a person in yourself. It is much harder to love and be happy.

Is it worth killing in yourself a beautiful feeling that is spiritual value? The feeling, which for many people is superhuman and unique, is such that they are not able to feel it. The feeling of love for many years subordinates your will, undoubtedly, at times, this is bad, but at the same time, this feeling is not given to everyone.