How to recognize a witch?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
September 8, 2014
How to recognize a witch?

Some people suspect that there is a witch in their environment. To find out whether this is true or not, you need to watch a suspicious person. After all, you can learn the witch by several distinctive characteristics.

How to know the witch: the main ways

Remember that a witch’s appearance is always a bit absent, no matter what it does. Also such a person:

  • often drops things and ends the conversation;
  • always in a hurry somewhere and often mysteriously disappears, which leads many to surprise;
  • does not give succinct answers to simple questions, but with pleasure talks about the mysteries of the universe and demonology;
  • does not like when someone from the back approaches her, but if a person has done this, then he can receive a strong energy “blow” from the witch, which is expressed in a sharp deterioration in his well-being;
  • He wears dark-colored clothes, but always looks sexy, you can learn more about how you can identify a witch in appearance from our article What a witch looks like;
  • can cause people to fail in people's memory if she realized that she had told something superfluous;
  • does not like order in the house, you can find old paintings in it, stranded, books, and the atmosphere is rather gloomy, awe-inspiring.

Also, the witch can be recognized by other distinctive features. After all, a lot of them. They are listed further in our other article How to recognize a witch.

How to know that you are a witch

Many representatives of the fair sex, wondering how to find out whether the witch I and here there are also a number of ways:

  1. If you have an admixture of Gypsy or Cossack blood, and there were women in the clan with supernormal abilities, then it is highly likely that you are a witch.
  2. If you notice that when you start to feel sad or cry, the weather changes, it means that you have the ability to witchcraft.
  3. Observe those people who offend you: whether they become immediately or after a short period of time worse than you. If yes, then you are a witch.
  4. If you become calm and comfortable in the cemetery and other dead places, then we can safely say that you are a witch.

For those who have the ability to witchcraft, there is every chance of becoming a real witch.To do this, just need to learn and implement a number of recommendations.