How to find out which engine?

Tatyana Ionina
Tatyana Ionina
March 6, 2013
How to find out which engine?

Cars flooded our lives - it is a fact. But after a while, a satisfied car enthusiast begins to think: how to find out which engine is on my swallow?

VIN Car Guides

In the data sheet, the engine's VIN is usually indicated - an identification number by which it is possible to determine the type of engine, the country of the manufacturer and the main characteristics with the help of the automanual. It is best to use the auto-manual on the official website of the dealer of auto parts of this brand of car or by going to. You can also use these two autos: or.

Main engine characteristics

  1. Year of issue

    But not always blocks are numbered, for example, “Americans” (Ford, Mustang, Dodge) almost all are equipped with so-called non-dimensional blocks. What to do in this case: how to find out which engine is installed on this car. With the definition of the year of production of the engine can help the masters working in specialized centers, experts and lovers of this brand of car.You can search for experts in various forums of car enthusiasts in your city.

  2. Power and torque

    With the output parameters will help to decide also in the centers where there are special stands. With the help of this stand you can find out the real power, nominal and maximum engine speed (torque). In addition, not only the owners of non-dimensional blocks should use the stand to determine the main characteristics of the engine - when buying a supported car, the characteristics recorded in the data sheet often do not coincide with the actual characteristics given by this engine.

  3. Engine capacity

    Engine size can be learned by experiment itself - remove the cylinder head and measure the diameter and piston stroke. The product of these parameters is the volume of one cylinder. Multiplying the resulting number by the number of cylinders, we obtain the engine volume.

You should not forget that you can always ask for help in the dealership car center. No one is better to tell how an expert in a particular car brand will do it.