How to lay parquet

Start by preparing boards of the required size. On each board, in its lower part, cut the cutter furrow to a depth of 2 mm. Furrow need to cut along. It will make the grip of the boards with lags in the floor more dense and ensure normal air circulation. This will prevent mold, excessive wetting and excessive drying of the boards.
Lay the sheets of plywood on the leveled floor, control slope level, height differences are unacceptable. Starting to lay the floor, install a small groove between the wall and the edge of the board 1-2 cm. The fact is that with time the boards will disperse a little. This groove will become a spare space for divergence. Having marked the groove, nail the board with nails to the lag. This and the following boards nail 4-5 cm.
It is necessary to hammer nails tightly, caps should drown in a tree for 2-3 mm. Beat 2 nails on one lag.
Leave the floor for 2-3 days, then proceed to the actual laying of the parquet. Apply the floor drawing drawing to the floor if you need it. In this picture, you will lay the board.
Treat the floor with a special parquet glue. Apply glue alternately on each row so as not to dry out.
Lay the first parquet row with the help of a lined board, on it you need to draw the angle of the parquet in advance, otherwise you risk to get a skew pattern. Please note that the first is laid out a row of uncircumcised boards, and already from him - a row to the wall of sawn boards.
Connect the boards to each other must be very tight. Before varnishing, all irregularities will have to be treated with wood filler.
It is very convenient to use the boards prepared for laying in advance. They already have the necessary grooves for fastening. They easily interlock with each other and get nailed.
Lay the latest boards in the floorings so that there is 1-2 cm to the wall. After all the boards are fully laid, gaps may appear. Permissible gap width - 1 mm.
Parquet boards can be of different thickness. Thin put on the existing floor already. Thick ones are suitable for laying on a deck of other boards or boards made from wood chips. In most parquet boards are made of solid wood. It can be tick, elm, birch, oak.Pine is a soft material option for parquet. Hard rocks are superimposed on soft. The width of the boards varies from 130 mm to 200 mm. The standard length of the board is 1.8-2.4 m.
Hardwood flooring has several advantages over softwood flooring. Hard rocks are more durable. Hardwood is always more beautiful than soft.
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Helpful advice
When choosing boards for flooring in the need to look at the safety of the material. There should be no defects. If you notice cracks, knots, curvature or the like, then refrain from buying. Over time, all defects appear even stronger.